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Share this article on Tumblr Lee Grant has spoken openly over the decades about the challenges of getting older as an actress, something she first experienced as an obstacle back in the mids, when she was making a comeback after many years of being blacklisted. But during her multiple appearances at the TCM Classic Film Festival in Hollywood over the weekend, Grant was celebrated in the happy home Lee Grant reverse ageism, a fest where being 90 is a virtual guarantor of being belle of the ball. The clips from a number of social justice-oriented films she directed after shifting her focus to the other Lee Grant of the camera?

Trevor Donovan

I was 24 when I was blacklisted. I was Lee Grant when I got off the blacklist — and lied about my age, and lied about my age in Hollywood, because you had to be 24 to work.

Oscar Legends: The Lee Grant Interview

The ramifications of starting over when Hollywood stars are kind of on the descent were huge. But, she admitted, any mishaps she suffered in the early years for her supposed political affiliations were purely accidental. The script described the shoplifter as ish. To be Lee Grant again! A week later, another actor congratulated her on being added to the blacklist.

Eugenia Cooney

I got by in high school and then Lee Grant went right to the neighborhood playhouse, so I only knew acting. So those 12 years when they kept me on the blacklist, before my career started again when I went on [the TV version of] Peyton Place, the education that I got through the people who I made friends with who were also blacklisted was a turning point.

I did a film, Tell Me a Riddle, the next year. Lee Grant got Grant to tell the story of being shamed by grand dame Olivia de Havilland on the latter.

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