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In the past, Leah has not had the best luck when it comes to her romantic relationships. As a teenager, she became engaged to her boyfriend and baby daddy to her twin girls Corey Simms.

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The two seemed perfect for each other and their marriage was going pretty good, until Leah admitted to him that she cheated on him a few days before their wedding. The cheating scandal led to Leah Messer divorce, with Leah then having a baby with and marrying Jeremy Calvert. They also seemed to have a great relationship, however Leah’s addiction issues and Leah Messer work schedule led to them divorcing.

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A big part of Leah’s storyline throughout her time on the show has been dealing with her daughter Aliannah’s diagnosis with muscular dystrophy. Over the summer, Leah shared with fans that a biopsy of Leah Messer muscle taken in Leah Messer sent to a gene therapy lab to see if it will respond to a new treatment, hopefully leading to a cure for her. Fans have taken to Reddit Leah Messer express their feelings on Leah’s choices in her relationship. Another user said Leah is lucky nothing bad has happened to her children due to her Leah Messer to constantly push the men she is dating into parental roles to her children.

They go on further to say the situation would be different if Jaylan was her children’s step-parent, but says after only four months of dating she doesn’t know him that well either. This all comes after Leah left her daughter Addison alone with Jaylan at a school function.

Leah wasn’t able to be at the event because her other daughter Aliannah had a Christmas concert at her school at the same time.

Leah Messer Responds to Ex Being ‘Furious’ With Her New Boyfriend

She thanked Leah Messer for the excitement he showed toward being at the performance and for loving her and her daughters so well. In the post, she also expressed how thankful she is to have him in her life, claiming she and her girls are so lucky to have him. She ended the post by saying how much she and the girls love him. Is what Leah did really that unforgivable?

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It will be interesting to see if she will address the hate she is getting yet again. This Teen Mom 2 star is no stranger to hate from fans and has had to defend herself on a number of different occasions.

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It will also be interesting to see if Leah chooses to share her relationship on the show right away, since that hasn’t worked always out for the Leah Messer in the past.