Leah Mcsweeney Companion Tennessee

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Janet Jones

Alex Darus December 30, I feel like there have been two ever-present questions in my Leah Mcsweeney over the past two years or so. Secondly, what the hell is going on with the Real Housewives of New York? It also looks like Ramona Singer might be saying goodbye to her Leah Mcsweeney RHONY gig, after racism accusations and general bad behavior has put her on the chopping block.

Emily Rainey

What the show needs is a trip to the Berkshires, a few high-energy newbies, and a couple of OGs thrown back in to Leah Mcsweeney mix for a guaranteed good time. Her only fan left these days seems to be Rihannaso she has that going for her. Williams during round two, but who knows if Leah will get another shot.

Kailah Casillas

Leah recently Leah Mcsweeney that after a pair of tough years in her personal life, she also recently suffered from COVID Miss Rona is everywhere these days, and it just absolutely sucks. There is always next year!! It is a weird and sad time for everyone with the global mess going on.

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