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July 8, by Peter Otieno Probably two things that make you wonder whether Laurence and Shia are related are the similar career paths they share and their last names. But if you read their last names keenly, you will see some Laurence Leboeuf in spelling.

‘Transplant’ Star Laurence Leboeuf Signs With Gilbertson Entertainment – Deadline

So one thing in common, they are both actors. But are they really related as many people have Laurence Leboeuf Lawrence also has a sibling, her brother Emmanuel Leboeuf.

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Going deeper into people who are known as her close family, she has a cousin named Biggitte Lavallee-Gagnon, a massage therapist in Laurence Leboeuf. Laurence Leboeuf early life and career Laurence attended Villa Maria high school but never graduated after she found out that her passion lies in the entertainment industry. This is where she got into the international scene, and people began wondering whether she is actually related to Shia Labeouf.

Is Laurence Leboeuf To Shia LaBeouf?

He is the only child of Shyna and Jeffrey Craig Labeouf. Labeouf once said his father subjected him to verbal and mental abuse. He said his father once pointed a gun at him.

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He also stated that his father used drugs and was once under rehabilitation for heroin addiction. Shia remained with his mother, growing as a poor kid in Echo Park.

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At the time, his mother was selling fabrics and brooches. Career Before he joined acting, Shia was a comedian in his neighborhood as a way to escape the hostile environment Laurence Leboeuf lived in.

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Laurence Leboeuf

Just at the age of 10, he began performing standup comedy. He later became an actor saying he made this decision because his family was broke, not because he wanted to follow this path.

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They have different parents and were both born in different countries. Shia changed after getting into Hollywood.