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When a young girl, she moved several times with her family, and lived in Montreal and Laval.

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Laurence has an elder brother whose name is Jean-Philippe. She never mentioned anything about the college or university she graduated from, so nothing is known about her degree, if any. Laurence Bedard Career Laurence has always been interested in fashion and beauty, so she decided Laurence Bedard connect her life with the profession of a barber.

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She worked in several salons and barbershops until she received an offer from Jim Le Barbier Laurence Bedard. Located in Cunard, Laval, this barbershop is Laurence Bedard dream company to work in for many barbers. She soon became a sensation, attracting two million subscribers with her explicit looks. As such, she posts lots of photos of herself in the clothes provided by the brand: dresses, lingerie, swimsuits, etc.

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Laurence has another commercial contract with the brand of energy drinks, BangEnergy, appearing in their commercials and posting multiple videos of her walking or chilling out enjoying the drinks. The couple dated for several months, posting a lot of mutual photos since October Their followers often commented they matched perfectly since they both had a lot of tattoos and enjoyed taking pictures of each Laurence Bedard.

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The couple was even mentioned in the Inked Magazine at the end of Laurence Bedard As for now, Joey does a lot of ju-jitsu and loves hiking with her dog. Neither Laurence, nor Joey announced any updates on their new affairs. Hobbies and interesting facts As for her favorite hobbies, Laurence loves swimming, dancing and hiking.

She also enjoys travelling around the world. She is Laurence Bedard vegan and follows a strict diet, not only to keep fit but also due to her personal beliefs.

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She is Laurence Bedard dog lover, and has a small black French bulldog named Frenchie. Fini l’hiver, on troque nos bottes pour des ballerines. She was very Laurence Bedard on Twitter, however, she stopped updating her profile in She now shares various fashion articles and tutorials on YouTube. Appearance Laurence has straight blonde hair which she often dyes various shades of chocolate, and recently cut it shorter, welcomed positively by her subscribers.

Laurence has blue eyes.

Laurence Bedard Height, Biography, Husband, Wiki, Weight & More

Some of her fans suppose that she underwent another plastic surgery on her buttocks, though Laurence has never confirmed those rumors. She also visits her cosmetologist very often, and does courses of injections Laurence Bedard her face and lips. As for her clothing style, Laurence prefers informal clothes, and often wears ripped jeans, net tights, oversized plaid shirts, etc.

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