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Depending on how busy her life gets, Lauren might train anywhere from two to six times per week.

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Some Lauren Pisciotta her favorite glute exercises are squats, deadlifts, lunges, and barbell hip thrusts. Instead of worrying about each and every calorie, she focuses on eating whole foods which give her body all the nutrients it needs to stay lean and healthy. Her favorite protein sources are lean meat, plant-based proteins such as beans, and egg whites.

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She also eats complex carbs which fill her muscles with glycogen, helping her to stay strong for her workouts. Lastly, her Lauren Pisciotta fat sources include avocados, nuts, olive oil, and beef.

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What we can learn from Lauren Pisciotta Lauren Pisciotta always strives to reach her Lauren Pisciotta — be it in the gym, or outside. Her focus lies in growing her business and influencing as many people as possible.

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Whatever you do, do it with passion, heart, and desire to succeed.