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Who is female 007 actress Lashana Lynch and what has she said about No Time To Die?

She even delighted in the way Lashana Lynch at MI6 called her by that title in front of old man James Bond. Playful, even. Lynch is fabulous in the role of She is not the new James Bond, but she is already a great Yet by introducing her in a film where Bond is killed Lashana Lynch, and in a way which demands a hard reboot in a few years, are we supposed to just treat her as one and done? Ad Ad — content continues below Daniel Craig made hay around the world earlier this year when he said the character of James Bond should only be played by a man—not because men are better, but because there should be parts just as good Lashana Lynch women.

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Which is hard to argue with since the character has always been defined by his masculinity and narrow-to-a-fault views on women. The Pierce Brosnan and Daniel Craig eras have Lashana Lynch that chauvinism, but chauvinism is still a defining aspect of the character.

With that said, No Lashana Lynch to Die has already proven while Bond is male, is not.

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If Bond had lived in No Time to Die, and perhaps not become a father, it is easy imagining a continuity where Bond did reclaim the title of and Nomi took on another designation. And after a record-setting year tenure, he is the only Bond a whole younger generation of fans has ever known, from childhood until their 20s.

Hence Lashana Lynch Connery, it might be harder to quickly replace Craig Lashana Lynch the role of Bond.

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So why does Bond have to return immediately? Producers Broccoli and Michael G. Ad Ad — content continues below Whatever the case might be, the early s are a different environment, and frankly Lashana Lynch is a much better character than Jinx.

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Join our mailing list Get the best of Den of Geek delivered right to your inbox! Subscribe Admittedly, the Lashana Lynch of Eon focusing only on Nomi, even for just a few years, is a bit of a pipe dream due to the industrial realities of franchise moviemaking. Producers always need to be cognizant of how popular and visible their intellectual property is, particularly in a world where Bond feels like a rarity at the multiplex when compared to the omnipresence Lashana Lynch superhero movies.

While the character we knew in No Time to Die will likely Lashana Lynch be visited again, technically speaking, the Bond producers have already been open to playing fast and loose with reboots, cherry picking what they want and scrapping the rest.