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The role of Kimberly was originally meant to be a stereotypical “dumb blonde”-type character, but was changed to more of a valley-girl type when Amy Jo was cast, which her gymnastics also contributed to. During one short adventure in “A Spot of Trouble”, Kimberly was transmogrified into a pink rabbit wearing a miniaturized version of the dress she was wearing during a charity ball. Though helpless, Kimberly seemed to have retained enough of her human intelligence to recognize her friend Trini was in danger and jumped in the path of an attack meant for her.

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  • Before they could be lowered in, the Turbo Rangers arrived and they worked hard to prevent them from being lowered into the volcano.
  • Her coach, the famous Gunthar Schmidt, grew increasingly impatient with Kimberly’s apparent lack of dedication to her training.
  • Once as I lay on the hospital bed half asleep and half awake, I heard the doctors and the nurses talking to one another saying that I am a strong girl, a fighter.

With my success, still I could never think of why I endured and succeeded. There is just this invisible force near or within me that pushed me and kept on telling me that I should continue till I succeed. In the teaser trailer, Kimberly is shown to be romantically involved with Jason when they kiss in his room, though this scene didn’t appear in the film. However, there still does seem to be a romantic interest in him and undertone between the two in the released film. In another deleted scene, she is shown to have a white father and an Indian mother , who don’t approve of her new haircut.

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: Pink

In a turn of events, Katherine took a dramatic approach to inspiring Kimberly to pursue gymnastics again by revealing to Kimberly a scrapbook of her own athletic achievements in the sport of high diving. After hitting her head on the board, she gave up on the sport, just short of her entrance into the Olympics. Katherine lured Kimberly to a local pool where she arrived just in time to see Katherine perform a fearful, yet expert high dive for her first time in years. This, and Zordon’s declaration that her recruitment as a Ranger is over, prompts Kimberly to leave in order to train full-time with Gunthar Schmidt for the Pan Global Games in Florida.

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Kimberly is a capable gymnast and was often shown training and using her abilities in fights against Rita’s forces, as she fought with a blend of gymnastic maneuvers, elbows and kicks. She often uses the environment around her as a springboard for her attacks and is often needed to defeat monsters with visible weaknesses, such as the archery-based Snizzard and the Terror Toad. She also teaches dance classes at Angel Grove‘s Youth Center while using American Sign Language to interpret for a student with a disability. Kimberly appeared in the picture of the old MMPR team that Dr. Tommy Oliver had with him as a memento of the past during the time when he returned as the Green Ranger again. Kimberly was featured in a chronicle of Power Ranger history compiled by Tommy Oliver shortly after he formed the Dino Rangers, which was found by the nascent Ranger team in the Dino Lab. After kicking away the Yellow Turbo Ranger during a short struggle, Kimberly saw that Jason had finally overpowered Tommy and had him held by the throat at the edge of the volcanic pit.

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They arrive to help, though she had the opportunity to reunite with her former love, Kimberly opted to leave the battle without a word, opting to move on from their relationship. Though pink is a said to be masculine color, it reflects my sensitive girl side. Yes, it also does symbolizes my strength, in relation of its being a masculine color, of endurance from the hard challenges in my life that i have encountered. Amy Jo Johnson makes a cameo appearance alongside Jason David Frank at the conclusion of the film as part of a crowd of civilians watching the battle between the newly formed Megazord and Rita’s monster, Goldar. During the Shattered Grid arc, Tommy was killed by Lord Drakkon. Before the final battle against Drakkon, Jason entrusted Tommy’s Dragonzord powers to Kimberly so she could pilot the Dragonzord in Battle Mode while he led the ground troops of the Power Ranger army.

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Following the reconstruction of the multiverse, Ranger Slayer and the Promethea are left drifting in a seemingly empty void, where she leads a new team of rangers in searching for a way home. In show’s second season, Kimberly controlled the Firebird Thunderzord. After Tommy lost his Green Ranger powers once again, this time permanently, and left Angel Grove, Kimberly frequently wished Tommy was still around. She was also kidnapped by Lord Zedd’s forces to serve as his new Queen as Zedd was attracted to her beauty and tenacity. However, Kimberly shows a clever and intuitive side to her and was able to stall Goldar with convincing Rita imitations.