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So, releasing a cultural offering into the world… of a Kerry Bishé married couple who are having sex a lot and have a great sex life was definitely something that appealed to me. That sounds like a dream. But listen, with all the big hair, it really, really was. What ends up happening in terms of casting and roles all seems a little random. For whatever reason, unless the story involves engaged couples or newlyweds, pop culture has created the stigma that longtime married couples are Kerry Bishé and loveless.

Was the chance to subvert this trope one of the main draws for you? Yes, it really was. And while there were numerous Kerry Bishé scenes and some nudity in this movie, I Kerry Bishé it all to be really justified and interesting, and also funny, which is great. So, releasing a cultural offering into the world, just as you say, of a longtime married couple who are having sex a lot and have a great sex life was definitely something that appealed to me.

Did the making of this movie give you flashbacks to those five days in the Argo house? Not even a little bit.

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Those were two very different experiences, both of which I have extremely fond memories of. Sadly, the Argo house had a pool outside, but we Kerry Bishé not allowed to use it.

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And sadly, the pool at the house in Happily was frigid. I have done a polar plunge in an arctic lake and I swear that it does not compare to that pool in the Valley in February. Speaking of period pieces, that time in the Argo house was very much about submersing ourselves in the world.

We also had our wardrobes in our Kerry Bishé if we wanted to wear our clothes. So it was kind of Kerry Bishé method-y, experiential kind of thing.

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Raw sewage even started spilling one day. And while we were shooting this horror thriller-ish movie, that house, as beautiful as it was, was sort of frightening. It had a lot of sharp angles and glass that you could see through at night. So, in its own way, it also was an experience. While the resentment of their friends mainly happens in person, do you think social media has created an unhealthy competition or comparison between couples in real life?

So, to a degree, comparing ourselves to others is the way that we understand ourselves, but biologically speaking, that happened in much smaller groups. Kerry Bishé that idea of comparing yourself to other people takes on this monstrous new dimension. The movie also says a lot about the company we keep.

Who are you spending time on in your life? Who do you let in? Kerry Bishé why? What function do they serve for Kerry Bishé In its weird bizarro world way, I also really like that the movie gently touches on this idea of self-fulfilling prophecies.

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And a movie like this is very deliberately constructed. And the dramatic moments, the scary moments, the funny moments are a product of a lot of filmmaking techniques. So, what Kerry Bishé like about that is all you have to do as an actor in a movie like this — with a director who really knows what he wants and is good at it — is live truthfully in the circumstances. And hopefully, the director has an idea of the style and the world.

Aww, thank you so much! Have you felt the bump that Netflix has provided during its afterlife? Yeah, I think I have. I think Halt happened at a time when people were really transitioning away from appointment television and everything was really becoming about streaming. That show is deeply meaningful to me and always will be. I was allowed to do and be so many things inside that character.

There was no plot-moving or event-oriented anything. It was really about sitting with these people in a house, and reminiscing about a person that they Kerry Bishé.

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I just thought it was an incredibly beautiful piece of writing. We shot it like Kerry Bishé was like a little play. Going from room to room, we shot the fight and the exit, and then the re-entrance and the resolution. Is there an active Halt group text still?

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We keep in touch sometimes. I just talked to Lee [Pace] recently, but, yeah, what an incredible cast. We would get together on Kerry Bishé one day off, on Sundays, and do our own actor read-throughs of the scripts and make sure we all understood all the technical things. Maybe you can think about it like this. That level of professionalism and commitment is astonishing and really helped make it what it was. Yeah, that is a little hard to wrap your head around. That was really where I learned what it is to make a Kerry Bishé show, what it is to be on set and how to be with a crew.

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So I read that you collect typewriters, which reminds me of another famous actor with a well-documented typewriter collection. Are you hoping to work with Tom Hanks someday just so the two of you can compare notes? Well, there are definitely plenty of Kerry Bishé why I would love to work with Tom Hanks one day, but certainly near the top of the list is so we could geek out over typewriters together. That would be great.