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Katie Bell

Eventually, Ron was proved to be very good, as the members of the team supported him and advised him not to be bothered by the Slytherins. She was also a good friend of Harry, and was happy for him when he became Captain. Katie also became a member of Dumbledore’s Army, in order to be taught Defence Against the Dark Arts by Harry, and she later fought at the Battle of Hogwarts, alongside Harry and the other members of the team. Furthermore, when Katie was tortured by the Opal Necklace, Harry helped save her, by calling Rubeus Hagrid. He also wanted to learn who gave the necklace to Katie, but she wasn’t able to recall it.

Katie Bell fourth champion

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She was thrilled that Harry could pay Hufflepuff back for losing against them in their previous year by beating Cedric. On February 21, 2022, Model Katie has spotted watching a basketball match between Los Angeles Lakers and the Houston Rockets, with her friend Kathryn Le and her lover Dan Bilzerian. As of rumors, Katie is presently dating her boyfriend Dan Bilzerian.

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Katie was a friend of Hermione Granger, a Gryffindor girl who was a year younger than her. Katie was also brave and determined, since she was sorted into Gryffindor house and was a member of Dumbledore’s Army, in order to oppose Dolores Umbridge. Members during the Battle of Hogwarts, opposing various Death Eaters and even ended up surviving the battle, showing her immense loyalty and dedication to defending her school.

  • She also encouraged him not to automatically give her a spot on the team without first trying out, as their could be better candidates than her.
  • Harry questioned Katie on whether she had any recollection of who had given her the necklace, which she did not.
  • Katie Bell was born on the 30th of march, 1995, in Palm Harbor, Florida, USA. She was born and raised with her two brother and one sister.
  • Currently, we don’t have any information like where she has done her schooling, college, and what are her highest qualifications.

When Wood spoke of the Hufflepuff Captain Cedric, Katie, Angelina and Alicia started giggling and commented on Cedric’s good looks. She is very active on her social media platforms like Instagram, TikTok, etc where she uploads her beautiful images and videos. Katie Bell is currently working with Dan’s company Ignite Cannabis Co and publish many ads with brand products. The Florida bombshell is making decent money through the instagram ads.

Katie Bell Members during the Battle of

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Lesser Known Facts About Katie Bell

Her broom is struck by lightning and set on fire during a Quidditch match, and she is lying on a bed in the Hospital wing afterwards. It was an organisation founded by Harry Potter, Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger, and led by Harry, in order to teach students Defence Against the Dark Arts and oppose Dolores Umbridge. “Your efforts are futile. You cannot fight me. I do not want to kill you. I have a great respect for the teachers of Hogwarts. I do not want to spill magical blood.” In Katie’s fifth year, all Quidditch games had been cancelled due to the school hosting the Triwizard Tournament. When Harry was selected as the fourth champion, alongside Cedric Diggory, Fleur Delacour of the Beauxbatons Academy of Magic, and Viktor Krum of the Durmstrang Institute, Katie, like all the Gryffindors, was ecstatic.

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Katie Bell team supported him and advised

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Other than this, she worked with major super brands including Ignite, Kowatches and clothing brand Fashion Nova. Furthermore, she is also famous for being Dan’s sister wives along with Sofia Bevarly and Jessa Hinton. Other than this, she is also the brand ambassador of Dan Bilzerian’s company ‘Ignite Cannabis.’ In this article, we will tell you about Katie Bell Wiki, Bio, Boyfriend, Net Worth, Height, Age & More. Katie was a member of the Gryffindor Quidditch team during her years at Hogwarts. There, she became best friends with fellow members Angelina Johnson and Alicia Spinnet, who were both a year older than her. Upon Angelina and Alicia’s leaving school, Katie befriended a girl named Leanne.