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Throughout the series, Laurel grows from quietly observant and cunning, to a dedicated and protective mother. While Laurel is involved in a series of murders and cover-ups and law classes, she also has a background that spans continents and languages — so how many languages does actor Karla Souza speak?

Her mother is from Mexico and her father is from Chile. Souza started acting while living in Aspen, Colorado at the age of eight in the film Aspen Extreme. When Karla Souza was older, Souza spent four years in France with a touring theater company before going on to attend the Central School of Speech and Drama in London, England. From there, Souza continued to make her way around the world, going to Russia to continue her acting studios, then onward to Mexico City.

This non-profit Karla Souza on helping families in San Miguel Tecuanipa rebuild their homes, livelihoods, and security after the devastating earthquake that occurred in She married Marshall Trenkmann in after a five-month engagement, and they have two children named Gianna and Luka.

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She Karla Souza known for having significant attention to detail and is extremely inventive. Laurel was born in Mexico along with her brother Xavier. Her parents split up when she was young due to her mother having an emotional breakdown, and her father being abusive and absent. Her mother was later institutionalized.

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Laurel graduated from Brown University and enrolled in law school to learn Karla Souza to help the less fortunate. Laurel is no stranger to complicated relationships, between her rocky relationship with Frank to her tragic relationship with Wes, with who she has a son, who she raises as a single mom.

At the end of the series, we see Laurel exit to Brooklyn to keep her son safe, with only probation for the murders she helped cover up.

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Souza is fluent in three different languages: Spanish, English, and French. However, in another case, she was perceived as not Latin enough to be cast in a Latinx role, despite speaking Spanish and her parents being from Chile and Mexico.

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So, how did Souza come to know all these Karla Souza Though she was born in Mexico, she spent several years of her childhood in America, where she learned English.

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She learned French when she went to France to tour with a professional theater company.