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And that was enough.

And your voice had to match your face, if you can imagine that. Jimmy Cagney and Eddie Robinson had voices that were as important as the characters they played.

Joan Blondell knew what you were getting even before you paid for the ticket. An actress from a theatrical family, Blondell would also make her mark upon the entertainment industry as a beloved film actress—especially during the s.

Joan Blondell

The couple had two children in addition to Rose—a boy named Ed Blondell, Jr. Shortly afterwards, she and her family toured internationally. The family visited Honolulu for a Joan Blondell but then spent six years in Australia.

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By the time Rose was in her teenage years, her family had planted their roots in Dallas, Texas, where she would win the Miss Dallas Joan Blondell as Rosebud Blondell. She would later secure fourth place for Miss America She was active in extracurricular activities, which included participation in school plays and editing the school yearbook.

After graduation, she briefly continued her education at what would become the University of North Texas. In the following year, she returned to her home state of New York and Joan Blondell a variety of odd jobs. She spent time as a model, circus hand, and store clerk until eventually joining up with a stock acting company to perform on Broadway.

Though the show had a short run, it crucially caught the Joan Blondell of Al Jolson. Jolson Joan Blondell the rights to the play and sold them to Warner Brothers under the stipulation that Blondell and Cagney appear in the film version. As a result, Blondell was placed under contract with the studio.

Initially, the studio Joan Blondell wanted Blondell to change her name from Rosebud Blondell to Inez Holmes but Blondell did not agree. She also appeared in several films with Glenda Farrell but the height of her career was during the Great Depression.

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Blondell appeared in a variety of Busby Berkeley productions, including Gold Diggers ofFootlight Paradeand Gold Diggers of Early on, she proved Joan Blondell be capable of carrying off dramatic and comedic performances with ease in addition to emotive musical numbers and energetic dance routines. The couple divorced in Following this marriage, Blondell wed another top Warner Bros. In the s, Blondell made a return to Broadway but quickly returned to films. Though she typically appeared in supporting roles and was being billed below other stars, she continued to receive positive Joan Blondell.

Inshe married her final husband, producer Mike Todd. Off-camera, Blondell wrote a novel called Center Door Fancy which functioned as an autobiography Joan Blondell sorts and referenced characters symbolizing both Powell and Allyson.

Blondell passed away on Christmas Day in from leukemia. She was While the Blondell home from at Eagle in New York no longer exists, there are other Joan Blondell of relevance to Blondell. Blondell and Powell shared a residence at Selma Ave. The site remains a residential location.