Jessica Stojadinovic Escort (Stoya)

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Jessica Stojadinovic Escort

Stoya is the stage name of American porn actress and model Jessica Stoyadinovich. The name “Stoya” became her nickname before she appeared in porn films and is an abbreviation of her last name.

Stoya Webcam

Stoya Webcam

Stoya was born in Wilmington, North Carolina, the child of a Serb and a Scot. As a child, she wanted to be a professional dancer and began taking dance lessons at age 3. She was homeschooled and also received her senior high school diploma before she was sixteen.

Stoya likes art and one of her leisure activities is producing garments, which she makes use of onset and during sensual events. She likes reading, favors science fiction as well as dream. She supports feminism, although she does not agree with several of its extreme symptoms. WebCam Stoya!

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According to Stoya, she came to porn through a rate of interest in BDSM and through fetish neighborhoods on the web. Few porn movies have actually fascinated her; she chooses creatively created flicks as well as motion pictures with fetish themes related to not shaving the body.

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