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Stefanie Sherk

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Actually, the year-old from Texas is hoping the generosity of her Jen Wilke, Waifu-loving fans will keep her going as she explores new opportunities. Because at 32, we all know a mediocre model has a world of opportunities ahead of her!

One-Time Playboy Model Hoping Fans Will GoFund Her ‘Job’ Has a History of GoFundMe Grifting

As a model, much of my life revolves around work. I am always conscious of my diet, and I spend long hours in the gym, as well as keep up with my online social media presence.

Ashley Mitchell

Those, however, are just the basics on top of my regular day job. That is what I am really doing: I am building a brand.

Anne Mcdaniels

The offers that I am getting for photo-shoots, castings, and key social events are what I have always dreamed Jen Wilke, and I am still worrying about covering basic expenses like clothing, travel, and lodging. It would mean the world to me to be able to focus on my modeling career exclusively.

Christina Masterson

I just need to get there first. The money that you contribute will set me on a pathway to a brighter future, and for that I will be forever grateful. I thank you for your time.

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In exchange for your generous donation, you can receive one of the following. Share this:.