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” If I heard of a storm in their area, I inquire, “Has your city been affected? ” If I know of a tradition or famous animal in that state, I ask about that. Some day, if the moment arises, I might ask about job safety or climate changes or political leanings. Strike up a conversation with tech support and customer service reps. And to all those Republican Senators who hid behind the microphone today, your days of dismissing rape and sexual assault are over.

  • Jen’s keen eye developed in her undergraduate studies as a painter and photographer and later evolved into independent experimentation in the digital arts.
  • Here’s a tribute to all the people I know who commute to work, shop, parks, play and other places.
  • Infants snuggled in father front packs reached for the story in their daddy’s hand.
  • Instead, my money and the money of 300 million or so Americans will fall into a big piechart and get used to pay for golf trips, wastewater polluters, educational mayhem, and military posturing and fights.

Neither my friends nor I knew that or called it that, and nothing ever happened to those boys. When I got home from the pond, I did not tell any adults. I did not tell a teacher or school administrator. I did not tell anyone from my religious institution. I did not even tell my older sister. The boys were pulling the girls toward the pond, and the girls were pulling back toward the shore.

Jen Castro It seemed we were nearly

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Digital Democracy

In someways, I am actually enjoying this time because everyone is here. And because the shelter in place is forcing me to evaluate what is important. I’ve always known it’s not consumerism, but when everyone around me is off busy doing goddess knows what, it’s hard to stand still and consider what I think is important – cooking something healthy?

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Jen Castro experimentation in the digital

Photo jen castro nude – taken from the site

“Do you bike ride or take the bus to church? My best story involved an alligator encounter. I was talking to technical support from Costco. We’d been on the phone for at least 30 minutes. It seemed we were nearly starting a friendship.