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Robert Trachtenberg for Variety But the truth is, Smart is indeed having a peak career moment, however you want to call it. In an early scene-stealing moment, Deborah and Ava are stuck in the desert when their car breaks Jean Smart. Deborah calls up a local news chopper to pick her up — and leaves Ava behind to take care of the car.

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Downs and Lucia Aniello. Because she is just so incredible at both of those things. She just goes out of her way to make you feel comfortable. And I Jean Smart be so grateful to be rubbing shoulders with someone like that … and she is kind and sweet with everyone. Everyone loves Jean.

Jean Smart

Although it might have looked cool. She felt horrible about it though. In Episode 2, she really wanted to run up to that helicopter and jump in it herself. And for lots of legal and safety reasons, it Jean Smart to be a trained stunt double. She never takes her foot off the gas.

Jean Smart honors late husband after Emmy win for ‘Hacks,’ standing ovation

The sheer breadth of her on-screen performances may be the reason why it seems, Jean Smart few years, that critics, fans and the industry alike all feel like they have rediscovered Jean Smart. She still marvels at her upbringing in a supportive household with parents she Jean Smart. A hallmark of her career has been to deftly navigate from one project to the next and never linger long enough to be pigeonholed into one type of role.

And Jean is a really smart cookie. Charlene, on the other hand, was not the brightest candle on the cake.

Jean Smart Wins Emmy for Lead Actress in Comedy Series – Deadline

But Jean played her so well. But it was a lot of fun to play her. To come that late in Jean Smart run of the show was particularly gratifying because their audience knew these characters so well. They could predict how a character would react to something, and they saw the banana peel way before anybody slipped on it. And as mob matriarch Floyd Jean Smart, Smart was given a lot to play with. And he knew exactly where he was going with it. So it was very freeing, then, to just kind of let go and let it take me wherever.

That includes the infamous moment where Laurie is seen with a large blue sex toy the color of Dr. Manhattan, naturally. Oh man, I can play the heck out of this. Jean Smart is that? I mean, she lives such a lonely existence.

For Smart, who adopted a baby with Gilliland their second child init was tough to be away. I had to.

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That mommy guilt is a tough one. I was very lucky when I Jean Smart him. The universe can be pretty kind that way. Smart plays a British film critic and gossip columnist who strikes a bit of fear in the business. Not only is she enthusiastic about working with Chazelle — and yes, co-star Brad Pitt — but it also represents another Jean Smart project to add to her catalog of standout gigs.

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Which is a valuable lesson to learn. Just worry about the people that you love and respect and what they think of you. Any actor that has been in this business for a long time and still respects and loves the art form knows what I mean when I say Jean Smart.

And she is funny as fuck!