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Comments count:0 Traditionally Hollywood thrives on the young and pretty, and it would be harder to get much younger Jean Simmons prettier than Jean Simmons in the late s. By her 20th birthday she had appeared in two all-time classic movies and been nominated for a Best Supporting Actress Oscar.

She took surprising roles when she got the chance, and brought a quiet understanding to them. From psychopath to Himalayan beggar girl, she had a marvellous versatility that often gets overlooked. Towards the end of her career she took on television work and appeared in Star Trek TNG and Murder, She Wrote, and also put her wonderful Jean Simmons to good use in voice-overs.

She retained that self-effacing, yet tongue-in-cheek filmic persona throughout her career. A brief biography Jean Simmons was born in London in This led to Jean Simmons roles in British productions, and experiences of working with great directors such as Laurence Olivier and David Lean. She only decided to take acting seriously after an Oscar nomination, and signed with the Rank organisation, who sold her contract to Howard Hughes in Ad Ad — content continues below Simmons moved to the US with her new husband, actor Stewart Granger, and found that Hughes was a controlling figure who wanted her for himself.

She resisted his advances and her career choices were stymied for two years until she managed to free herself of the contract. She then appeared in some of the biggest films of the s before turning her attention to theatre and television.

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She divorced Granger in and married director Richard Brooks soon after. That marriage also ended in divorce inand Jean Simmons the late 70s and the 80s Simmons struggled with alcoholism.

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She defeated her problems and became the patron of UK charity Release in She died from lung cancer in She was 80 years old. Angel Face deserves to be described as shocking. Mitchum plays a Beverley Hills ambulance driver who attends an emergency call at a mansion and meets Jean Simmons manipulative step-daughter of the house Jean Simmons.

Has she just attempted to kill her step-mother?

Jean Simmons and Claire Bloom – adventures of two north London girls

Mitchum is so laid back in Jean Simmons film that you could use him as a chaise-longue. He barely seems to blink; a cigarette hangs from the corner of his mouth and he drives his car one-handed, barely bothering to look at the road. In Black Narcissus the roles were reversed.

Kerr took the lead, as the focussed Sister Superior Jean Simmons to set up a mission in an old brothel in the Himalayas and finding only hardship and madness. Join our mailing list Get the best of Den of Geek delivered right to your inbox!

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Each is like a painting, with an incredible Jean Simmons to detail and spectacular use of light and Jean Simmons. She plays Kanchi, a local girl who is coming into her femininity and is sent to the nuns in the hope of keeping her out of trouble with men. Simmons embodies happiness itself.

‘Guys & Dolls’ star Jean Simmons dies

Ophelia is an interesting role. She represents the sidelined, the truly helpless. Hamlet is too obsessed with the murder of his own father to realise how precarious her situation is. Olivier was a great physical actor, but in this film that boisterousness is, for me, offputting.

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They are staying in a classy Jean Simmons and hanging out at wonderful restaurants. Until Vicky wakes up one morning and discovers her brother has disappeared. Along with all of his possessions.

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And the room he was sleeping in, which Jean Simmons never existed. And nobody has any memory of her brother ever having come to Paris with her in the first place. You feel her fear, and cheer for her when she manages to get her answers.

Her only hope of reversing the curse is to work for the strange wizard Howl in Jean Simmons castle on legs. There ensues some weird and wonderful scenes as Grandma Sophie and Howl come to have feelings for each other, and help each other Jean Simmons stop an outbreak of war. She did a great job of bringing a wondering, youthful quality to Grandma Sophie, combining an innocence with the tired, cracked tones of an old woman.

She had seen it all, and still retained the quality of amazed and exuberant youth.

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