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The romance got intense enough that Seberg decided to end things with her then-husband, French novelist and diplomat Romain Gary.


Sign up for our Coffee Break newsletter here. Looking for new challenges, he chose to star in a musical in which he would, yes, Jean Seberg. She settled in Paris and continued to work in Europe. She married husband no.

Their affair created a minor scandal in Parisian society; When Seberg and Gary finally secured divorces from their respective spouses, they married discreetly and had to keep the birth of their son a secret for several years.

AP Photo Seberg tried to get parts in American films, mainly because she needed the money. While the movie did OK at the box office, it was still a product of the dying Jean Seberg studio system — a bloated, somewhat old-fashioned, three-hour movie that went over way over budget. Stay up to date on East Bay news by downloading our mobile app for free. Get it from the Apple app store or the Google Play store.

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She was just excited to play the female lead: Elizabeth, the Jean Seberg second wife of a Mormon man who wanders into the Gold Rush mining camp. One of the reasons the film went over budget is that director Joshua Logan wanted to shoot in a remote wilderness in northeast Oregon. But that isolation proved fruitful in some ways.

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Seberg told him what was going on with Eastwood. Seberg assumed Eastwood was madly in love with her, too, and was ready to leave his wife.

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But for Eastwood, a workplace affair was nothing new. Perhaps I have to grow up a little.

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Seberg, on the other hand, struggled. She was the subject of surveillance, threatening phone calls and home break-ins. Jean Seberg at a press conference in Rome, Italy inAP Photo Seberg was indeed pregnant but the father was a student revolutionary she met while making a film in Mexico in She claimed that the stress from the false news stories caused her to go into premature labor and Jean Seberg birth to a baby girl who died several days later.

She also had a Jean Seberg time getting work in Hollywood, probably because of a blacklist. She returned to Paris and managed to work in European films but never got over the loss of her daughter and persecution by the FBI, according to accounts.

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She continued to take sedatives and drink heavily. On August 30,she disappeared. Ten days later, she was found near her Paris apartment, dead from an apparent overdose of barbiturates. Her ex-husband Gary said she probably died by Jean Seberg.