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At 16, she married a man named Charles McGrew.

Marc Hoover: Actress Jean Harlow’s cursed house | The Clermont Sun

Carpenter moved to Los Angeles and became Jean Harlow. The marriage was surprising. Bern was 22 years her senior and unattractive. The marriage ended in tragedy after two months. He was nude with a bullet hole in his Jean Harlow. Authorities recovered a suicide note allegedly written by him.

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Did Bern commit suicide or was he murdered? Rumors swirled that Millette may have killed Bern. Jean found love again and married cinematographer Harold Rosson. The marriage ended in divorce after eight months.

The Right Chemistry: How Jean Harlow became a ‘platinum blond’

Inwhile filming a movie titled Saratoga, she became ill and was hospitalized. A body double completed the movie in place of Harlow. Ina celebrity hairstylist named Jay Sebring bought the former Harlow home. After moving into the home, Sebring began dating a beautiful actress named Sharon Tate between and Tate often stayed in the home with Sebring. The two broke up after Tate left Sebring for director Roman Polanski. Ina man named Dick Kleiner Jean Harlow Sharon Tate.

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He asked if she had Jean Harlow experienced anything supernatural. She told Kleiner about a terrifying experience in the former Jean Harlow house. One night, while sleeping in the bedroom where Bern died, she had a strange feeling. Tate saw a creepy ghostly man in her bedroom and soon realized it was Paul Bern.

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She ran out of the bedroom and towards the stairs. She then saw a different ghostly figure tied to the staircase. She also noticed the spirit had a slit Jean Harlow. Tate called it a premonition. But on this day, Sebring and other friends were staying with Tate while her director husband Roman Polanski worked in London.

Unknown to Tate and her friends, they would become victims of Charles Manson. Did Sharon Tate see the ghost of Paul Bern? No one knows for sure, but she died a year after her interview with Jean Harlow Kleiner. Was the house cursed?

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