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Is that okay? Jaylen Barron: That sounds good to me. So, I like to start by giving our viewers and readers a bit of background about yourself.

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That is why Trish is so dope, seriously. Jaylen Barron: Jaylen Barron best of both worlds. Well, Jaylen, can you please tell our viewers and readers a bit about your character, Miss Trish, the entrepreneur? What kind of woman is Trish?

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What are her aspirations, her goals? Let us know!

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She is extremely loyal. Does she not? And the truth is she does love Ashley. She loves her family, no matter what. Obviously you can see from the first episode and she gets things done. She does get things done. Jaylen Barron: In her own way she gets what she wants. She makes it happen.

Sophia Lenore: I love that and Jaylen Barron would love to also talk a bit about these cool dance breaks and poetry slam sessions that appear on the show. What is the show trying to convey to the viewers in these scenes through the use of dancing, poetry and can Jaylen Barron expect some dance or some dope poetry or some dope freestyle rap from Trish in upcoming episodes?

So not only is the audience seeing her emotions on her face but everything around her. But rapping? So I gotta drop a little breadcrumbs here and there.

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Sophia Lenore: I love it. Well, moving forward into the upcoming seasons and such becauseI love the pilot but how do Jaylen Barron see things evolving with Trish and Ashley? I know you mentioned earlier that you Jaylen Barron love Ashley. And I would love, love, love to see Trish try and get a regular job just for fun.

I want to see what she would think of customer service or something like that.

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That would be pretty cool, just off her doing it as a joke. Sophia Lenore: Look, I gotta try. Sophia Lenore: Oh man, there better be a season two. Sophia Lenore: There better be because I am so addicted to Trish. Did you see that? Sophia Jaylen Barron What I have to say, in regards to the show, I really love that you never really know how the scene is even going to Jaylen Barron out.

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Sophia Lenore: Okay, we gotta find out what her Jaylen Barron moon is and Jaylen Barron these other things. Well I have to say, Jaylen, thank you so much for chatting with me today. It was so wonderful talking to you about the series and about the strong opinionated, driven character you play in Miss Trish. Thank you have a wonderful day.

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