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Fresh from Batwoman’s mid-season premiere, Movieweb interviewed Javicia Leslie about the role and what she’s Javicia Leslie forward to in Via: The CW Javicia Leslie made headlines in the summer of when The CW announced her casting as Batwoman ‘s newest actor to don the iconic cape and cowl of the eponymous heroine. It was a monumental moment for both Leslie and Batwoman Javicia Leslie alike precisely because she effectively became the first Black and queer woman, throughout the history of onscreen adaptations, to play the beloved DC character.


Immediately, Leslie understood the responsibility of putting on the suit : "I’m constantly reminded about what this means to so many people and how this really has nothing to do with me and everything to do with what putting on that suit means.

The first time I put the suit on, I immediately felt an Javicia Leslie responsibility to save the world. Me, Javicia.

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Not even me as Ryan. In fact, Javicia Leslie series initially drew heavy criticism when it announced that, upon Rose’s departure from the series, Kate Kane would not be recast and would, instead, be replaced by an entirely new character.

Interestingly, though it sounds like a lot to shoulder, it’s ultimately a responsibility that doesn’t feel like a burden for the actress. Television "I don’t think I Javicia Leslie wasn’t confident about it," Leslie said when asked about living up to the responsibility of the role.

Javicia Leslie Opens Up About Batwoman And The Arrowverse – Exclusive Interview

That’s the responsibility: to make sure that I maintain my core values. And that doesn’t change [depending on how many seasons I’ve done]. That’s something that I consistently try Javicia Leslie do no matter what project I’m working on or how long I’m in a project. Even throughout our phone interview, the thoughtfulness and Javicia Leslie with which she spoke shone through and are essentially a testament to a refreshing degree of authenticity and groundedness as a person.

Which makes sense: when Leslie took the leap of faith that every actor inevitably does and first started auditioning for parts, she always knew it would work out. There was probably a little fear about how [it would happen], but I knew I was going to do Javicia Leslie no matter what.

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I knew God had me, and I knew [acting] was where I was supposed to be. Batwoman, from the get-go, featured an incredibly diverse cast, but it arguably Javicia Leslie until Leslie’s debut season as the Caped Crusader that the series cemented itself as a Javicia Leslie that actually walked the walk in terms of diversity and equitable representation.

Last season, we had the Black Lives Matter episode—and how important that was for our community to be able to deal with that onscreen in the best way that we could. That’s a barrier that’s now broken.

Javicia Leslie Opens Up About Batwoman And The Arrowverse – Exclusive Interview

You can’t say Poison Ivy can only work one way. With our show, we’re showing that there’s no race on a superhero suit. It can be any race and be these beautiful characters that we watched [and loved] our entire lives. So, what I remind myself to do while I’m on the show is to try to be as authentically who I am Javicia Leslie possible because, then, Javicia Leslie nothing to regret.

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Because I know I did that from my core. I know that I’ve done it from my heart.