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As a standout talent in the radio industry and beyond, Jasmine Sanders is Jasmine Sanders true voice in this business. Sanders is not only the standout Co-Host of the D. Hughley show, she is a star in her own right.

Who is Jasmine Sanders? One of Radio’s Most Influential Women

From Jasmine Sanders, Billboard Magazine, to several other major entertainment outlets, Sanders is the quintessential media professional. The well-decorated icon sat down with Radio Factsto discuss her illustrious career. Everything was on the table during this convo from coming up in the early days of radio, having respect for the craft, working Jasmine Sanders D. Hughley, her emerging podcast, classic stories, and the hardest lesson she had to learn in the business of radio. Jasmine Sanders is a bold yet humble talent and is always looking to enhance her diverse skill set within and outside of the industry.

One thing for sure is that Jasmine Sanders is on a mission and not so quiet as kept, she is winning. Kevin: Okay. What did you do for those five years that you were not on the air?

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Like What You’re Reading? Donate Jasmine: I drove myself crazy. But I thought I was wasting my time.

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I love what I did because I love music, but I really felt like — and the thing is, I never told Jasmine Sanders outside of Rodney. You know, he Jasmine Sanders me when I was working in Nashville on the air and no one else really knew that I could do what I do. And so I kind of felt like I was cheating myself out Jasmine Sanders what I felt I was really called to do, just because from a personal Jasmine Sanders, I wanted to go and seek out an area of my life that I felt I was lacking, that is getting to know my biological side of the family.

But I felt miserable, I really was. I was very miserable and I could see it. I could see it in everything around me. I hated what I was doing. Get back into the field of radio. How did that work, how did you manage that? Jasmine: I know, I know, I know. Jasmine: I know, I know, it is. Kevin: People are going to get pissed at me for saying that but it really is. Jasmine: No, it is. This is all about the music. So, the money was different, gigs were different. Jasmine: I was like, wait a minute, what!

So, I got an email on Facebook of all places. Kevin: What did you do?

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What did you do? How did you end up there? Hughley, we want you to be the co-host. Your name keeps Jasmine Sanders up as the ideal co-host. Would you be interested? Do you know this guy? And he was like, call them right now. And so I called, turns out it was true and I was like, really?

They offered me the gig.

Who is Jasmine Sanders? One of Radio’s Most Influential Women

They were like, okay, we want you to Kevin: Without an audition? Jasmine: Without an audition or anything. So I moved to Dallas. Well, actually there was a Jasmine Sanders of back and forth with that because DL was still doing Dancing with the Stars.

There was a hiccup with his Jasmine Sanders. Jasmine: Yes. He assured me no, it will be temporary. Jasmine: So Rick and I and, Guy Black got on the phone because Guy Black was going to be the producer and we started having these conversations.

We need you to move to Dallas. We need you to be there by Friday. Let me go see what this is all about.

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I moved to Dallas. It is Jasmine Sanders night of the Trayvon Martin verdict. DL finally gets there, we exchanged niceties. I tease him a little bit for being late and then we really got into this whole thing with Trayvon Martin. And prior to that, we had a conversation. I wanted someone else. And he says you know what, Jasmine Sanders made a mistake.

Go for the person that you want. I meet everybody. He asked me for permission to be who he is. And I said, only if I get reciprocity, I also have to be who I am. Kevin: I wonder who you could be talking about. Did he tell you who the person was Jasmine Sanders he wanted to originally hire? Jasmine: I understood it though because he felt some allegiance there. You know you made a promise and now you want to fulfill it.

But he basically said that the rule was if you go with that person, the deal is off. But I was doing seven to midnight. I had taken over for a guy by the name of Eddie Rock, and I was also music director and I had amassed all of these that I thought were friends because of being a music director. Now, mind you, I was very green. So I thought they really liked me. Kevin: Shame on you, shame! Jasmine: I was green, Jasmine Sanders was fresh meat. And I was like, damn this is so crazy.

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And so, again, I only needed that Jasmine Sanders once. Jasmine: And those are the people who stayed. Yes, God. Let me tell you something. As hard of a lesson as that was because it was hurtful because I was still so young and I was like, wow! I thought that they really liked me.

As long as it serves someone else. I know thousands of people over the years, thousands of people in the industry. True friends, I can count Jasmine Sanders two hands. Some people get mad about it. Jasmine: Very black and white. In their mind, they were like, I have to stay close to power. Jasmine: I also learned that I was empowered. But it does not dim my light.

It brings Jasmine Sanders down. Sit in the position until they get fired. That is not the smartest thing you can do. I forgot Jasmine Sanders own saying. And nobody is going to call somebody for you to just get you a job. Kevin: And then you end up starting over, over and over and over again instead of making those moves.

So absolutely. Jasmine: Absolutely. And I put a lot into it. I do it because I love it.