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In Ten Steps to Triumph Janine motivates by sharing her Hollywood war stories and how she overcame harrowing, humiliating professional and personal challenges.

When she was acting, she was portraying someone else’s words, thoughts and actions, but Janine Turner speaking Janine is expressing her own ideas and thoughts, which are eloquent, energetic, and inspirational. Constituting America Janine Turner is brave.

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She speaks her mind about the state of the country and her desire to preserve its founding principles. Janine has used the celebrity status from her remarkable career as a three-time Golden Globe Janine Turner Emmy nominee to become a highly sought after political public speaker.

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She has given hundreds of inspiring and thought provoking speeches to all ages and to all types of venues – from elementary schools to American Universities, from the Boy Scouts to Adult Leadership Conferences. Yet substance abuse Janine Turner by no means a modern problem. As a recovering alcoholic with two decades of sobriety, Janine Turner discusses her own battle with alcoholism while sharing a powerful and inspiring message of Janine Turner and faith that substance abuse can be successfully conquered.

Though she has led an accomplished career in front of the camera, she is now turning her efforts off-screen to raise awareness of heart disease and to promote healthy lifestyle choices.

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Living with Premature Ventricular Contraction PVC and a hole in her heart, Turner carries with her a family history of congestive heart failure. A proponent for healthy living, she emphasizes the importance of taking care of your heart by taking care of yourself.

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A single mother herself, she knows firsthand the demands and joys such a responsibility can place on your life. The definitions of Janine Turner single parent are broad — each is on their own journey with different circumstances, and the statistics are amazingly high.

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Through it all, one must maintain perspective and recognize that though some days are hard and some Janine Turner are easy, every day is joyous. Be inspired to find the JOY. Single moms are not just a product of our modern culture.

There have been single mothers throughout history, women who have Janine Turner not only their children but also nations with a higher vision for life.

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Holding Her Head High recounts stories of twelve such women from the third to the twenty-first centuries, women who found ways to twist their fates to represent God’s destiny for their lives. These uniquely powerful, brave women, within the scope of their own world and times, are Janine Turner the ninety-nine percent of single mothers today who Janine Turner intended to carry that distinction.

They are abandoned, widowed, or divorced, all carrying wounds, yet they also all Janine Turner ways to exhibit courage, kindness, dignity, and faith to heal themselves by healing others. Actress Janine Turner, herself a single mother, describes the social implications for women and children from the Roman Empire through the Middle Ages to Pioneer days, including a single mother of slavery. Stories from women like Rachel Lavein Fawcett, abandoned single mother of Alexander Hamilton; Abagail Adams, a wartime widow; Harriet Jacobs, an unwed mother of slavery whose autobiography was published the year the Civil Janine Turner began; and widowed Belva Lockwood, the first woman to officially run for President, all carrying wounds but all offering insight, wisdom, and encouragement.

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