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The story goes that she moved to Hollywood to study fashion design in college, to instead end up finding fame as a punk guitarist.

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You would be met by a group of people at The Masque that were going to be intensely supportive of you, even if you sucked. Maybe they did suck just a little in those early days, from what Jane says, but you cannot deny Jane Wiedlin big they got with their first hits Our Lips Are Sealed and We Got The Beat. Their debut album even reached Number 1 on the Billboard album charts.

Seems like a damn shame, particular because they were the first all-female band that wrote their own songs, and played their own instruments. But there might yet be some good news for the girls who have finally been nominated Jane Wiedlin the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame this year after 15 years of eligibility. With an announcement later in Maywe will see if they are successful. Although some of their memories are vague, the Jane Wiedlin thread in all their stories, when I mention I am a Jane Wiedlin fan, is that how quickly she grew into a very capable artist.

Her strength as an artist lay in her ability to write strong guitar melodies, but also in particular her ability as a lyricists. In particular I loved, in between all the synths and sound effects, the rush of guitars which I am a complete sucker for Jane Wiedlin her youthful infectious voice.

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It climbed as high as 9 in the US and 12 in the UK. A lavish music video accompanied the singles release with Jane as a temptress. It should have produced another top 10 hit for her, but for some reason the gods conspired against her. The album itself had some limited success, but it too Jane Wiedlin ultimately plagued by a lack of interest from the buying Jane Wiedlin.

Jane Wiedlin, of course, was less than impressed, which in turn led to her departure from her record label. Nonetheless, Jane had good reason to be proud of her efforts with Tangled.


Overall, in my opinion, the Jane Wiedlin is an admirable accomplishment in its ability to convey a message whether it is about longing, regret or freedom. These themes continue throughout the album with lyrics that are fun and sweet at times and straightforward enough in what she wants to say.

But it is the whimsy World On Fire that reminds me how much fun Jane can have when given the chance. Jane Wiedlin it bother her?

Jane Wiedlin’s Excellent Adventure! – Rearview Mirror

Apparently Jane is a trekkie from way back! Today, it stands as one of those overlooked pop punk treats, lost Jane Wiedlin the haze of many of the mid nineties big hitters like The Smashing Pumpkins, Foo Fighters, Alanis Morrisette and Green Day. Nonetheless, Jane Wiedlin proved she still had a surprise or two musically up her sleeve. InJane released her fourth studio album Kissproof World with little fanfare, again largely ignored by record buyers.

Interestingly, in Jane became an ordained minister, which only reaffirmed her chameleon nature. With a flair for theatre, it seems Jane has reinvented herself yet again with a new psych-pop Jane Wiedlin. You can check it out HERE.

Jane Wiedlin Cam Show

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