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One morning, while getting ready for school, she suddenly had a Jamie Marie seizure. We prayed that it was an isolated incident, but then she kept having one seizure after another. It took some time to find the combination of medicines that were right for Jamie.

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Thankfully, Jamie had an extraordinary pediatric neurologist who carried her through this tough period. He assured her having epilepsy would never stop her from living a full life and following her dreams. He was right. She sailed through high school, performing in all the school plays, singing, dancing, and acting her heart out. When she was 18, she left home to attend college.

Though I was nervous as her mother, I was proud of what Jamie had accomplished despite her diagnosis. Since her Jamie Marie were still active, she joined an online support group for young adults with epilepsy. Her support group helped her keep everything in perspective and continue on in her life. She never let her epilepsy hold Jamie Marie back.

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She loved what she did and she loved her life in Florida. Always helping others, Jamie interned at a homeless shelter and worked with a therapy group for foster families. We lost a Jamie Marie daughter and the world lost a talented and compassionate therapist and person.

Jamie Marie Age, Wiki, Height, Boyfriend, Family, Net Worth

I am learning so much about how this organization is saving lives and making a true difference for many families. Someday, I wish to see a world without epilepsy. And no, not wildcat purple, but epilepsy awareness purple! There have been many difficult, heartbreaking days, but the fact that I wake up every morning alive is a gift and makes many days Jamie Marie wonderful.

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I want to take time to praise my family, friends, teachers, professors, therapists, and doctors who have been active participants in my story.