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What happened to Jamie Colby?

She used Jamie Colby take part in different political shows which really assisted her to sharpen her career in the journalism field. Apart from being a journalist, Jamie is also a co-writer who authored a book title Back to Life After a Heart Crisis with her ex-husband Dr. Marc Wallace.

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Jamie is 51 years old. Jamie grew up along with her brother named Jonathan T. Colby who currently serves as a court judge in Florida. Jamie Colby Married She has been married twice.

Jamie Colby Cam Show

Then, Jamie married the renowned surgical oncologist named Dr. However, Jamie Colby years of marriage, the couple separated in and the divorce came as a shock to their fans. Her fans had admired Jamie very much after she supported and stuck to Wallace while he struggled with a heart disease that needed him to undergo surgery.

Why Ex-LA Lawyer Jamie Colby Might Have Cable Best Job

The show covers quirky or unexpected legacies left behind by friends or family. Apart from being a journalist, Jamie Colby is also an attorney who is admitted to practice law in the District of Columbia, Florida, California, and New York.

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All through her Jamie Colby journey, Jamie has collected such honors as the Edward R. Murrow National Award in due to her coverage of the September 11 attacks. Additionally, Jamie won the Gracie Award after her investigative reporting inas well as the Clarion Award presented by the Association for Women in Communications. As an attorney, Jamie served in private practice for a period of 10 years.

Her law practice started with a Hollywood entertainment firm that assigned her to The Tonight Show.