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As an Jamie Bernadette, her haunting performances left an undeniable mark on genre film. With each new endeavor, she continues to push herself to her creative limit both on screen and behind the scenes. It tells the tale of six college best friends that throw their own private graduation only Jamie Bernadette see it go terribly wrong when an uninvited guest arrives.

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The film debuts theatrically on January 11, via The Asylum. Icon Vs. Icon recently caught up with Jamie Bernadette to get an inside look at her journey as an artist. In the interview, we discuss her early years in the entertainment industry, the lessons learned along the way, her process for bringing raw emotion to the screen and what lies in store for her in the years to come. How did your journey as an artist begin?

I have always wanted to act, ever Jamie Bernadette I was a child. I would watch films Jamie Bernadette act them out. I was also involved in theater. I drove across the country and the rest is history! What was it about acting that made this the clear path? It was always in my heart. I was talking to another actor friend of mine yesterday. What went into finding your creative voice as an actor? These are some question!

I feel like the roles and different types of characters found me, if that makes sense. For example, I play the tough girl a lot; the strong girl. That was not planned but I keep getting those strong girl or final girl roles in horror films and things like that. Was there anyone behind the scenes, perhaps a mentor, giving you a push or advice when you needed it?

Honestly, not really.

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Not during the tough times. So, you really are that tough, strong girl we see on screen! Somehow, I just always made it happen.

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There were some really rough times when I ate beans and hot dogs all the time! My father passed away four months after I was born.

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She raised all of us and we Jamie Bernadette very, very poor. Jamie Bernadette What lessons did you learn early on that impacted you and the course of your career? I learned not to listen to people! People like to be right! People pick up what other people say that is negative and they take it as true but really there are no rules to this game!

Look at Lin Shaye, I love her! She was well into her 30a before she started working. Steve Carrell is another great example. There is also the diversity thing. No one wants you! Anything is possible in this world! You persist! Your body of work is impressive. When did you come Jamie Bernadette your own as Jamie Bernadette actor?

It was kind of a dirty comedy but funny, very funny! I had a supporting role in the film. That film helped a lot but there were other little pieces along the way and each little bit helped. It was an accumulation. I did that in and I Jamie Bernadette like I developed a lot of my fanbase from that. That helped as well! What does it take to have a career, like the one you are building, in this day and age?

I mean, I drink occasionally but some people get crazy with it. Cocaine is really big in the entertainment industry. It also comes down to, like I said before, persistence. I like to travel, do photography, photo editing and I write.

What Jamie Bernadette the biggest challenge you faced and overcome over the course of your career? Trying to audition and support myself was certainly a challenge. I think loneliness has also been a thing, which is something a lot of actors talk about. The isolation is very extreme. My friend, Maria Olsen, is big in the horror scene and we are really close. We were talking about this at length. We were discussing the isolation and loneliness and how depression can result from that!

How did the ball get rolling on this one? The characters were smart and making intelligent decisions. She had some great ideas on how to change things up and make it different and wrote the second draft. We bounced it back and forth from there.

I ended up producing it with Chantelle Albers. I met her on an independent film we were doing together. We both act in the film and produced it. You can describe producing a film from the ground up with the analogy of planning 20 different, huge weddings at the same time! What was the biggest challenge from an acting standpoint? I think so much of the preparation comes before you step on camera. You have to be in the right mindset before you do a scene like that.

I can hear you! That camera is really close! What is your typical process to build out a character and has that process evolved? Yeah, it has evolved. Whew, that gets very personal! They will do the scene on page 80, back to page 20 and forward to page My notes will cover the script with ink!

A lot of times, that is about me regressing back to my past. I pull a lot from my past. What are you using? What has your life been like? Very, very few people in my life actually know my real life, so I pull a lot from the past before I start the scene.

I have done my work before the scene and got what I need to get emotionally, which is whatever is triggering me that day and it can change. I will scan through different things and find what is triggering something. There was always something going on with that film. So, I use music sometimes, it just depends. I will stay in it in between takes and in between scenes. Not in a mean way but people learn how I work Jamie Bernadette quickly.

Jamie Berndette I imagine it takes quite a while to decompress from digging so deep. This is art! This is worth it! What do you look for in the material you are taking on these days? However, for me personally as an actress, I wanted to move toward quality and make that the priority, as opposed to doing everything. If I like it, I look at the script. You delved deeply into many dark roles.

Was there ever a worry you might become typecast? No, I always wanted to do horror, ever since I was a little girl. I enjoyed that one a lot. That was a tough shoot.