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The show features part Jacqueline Toboni the original cast as well as a slew of new characters, with Finley at the center of the season one cliffhanger. She overcompensates for trauma in a lot of ways.

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Because of that, you get to play these extremes. Toboni, a San Francisco native, wanted to be an athlete Jacqueline Toboni up but when she was cut from the basketball team she had to pivot.

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I was just so raw and had no idea what I was doing. It was just me.

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Much has changed betweenwhen the original wrapped, and now Jacqueline Toboni terms of LGBTQ rights, yet Toboni says there is still far to go — and Generation Q is representative of that. I feel like everybody is on the same page and excited to explore these characters at a new level.

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Their next project will hopefully be together: over quarantine they wrote a script, which they hope to get off the ground in the near future. Walking onto set and seeing a bunch of people that look like you who Jacqueline Toboni queer and women is pretty sick.

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