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Suzanne: Yeah, I heard they they do that now. Jacky: Right. I mean, if they can, they will. Suzanne: And where was it shot? Jacky: It was shot in Vancouver but about an hour away, the Abbotsford Langley area. Suzanne: Okay, great…There were a lot of sweets in this movie. Were any of them edible, Jacky Lai were they all fake? You know, they all have the eggnog and the hot chocolate and the cookies and the gingerbread and oh my gosh.

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Jacky: Jacky Lai. You pretty much named everything that was in the movie. Suzanne: It seems that they all do that. Jacky: I know. I know what you mean. Suzanne: Yeah. So, do you do any baking in real life? Jacky: No, not at all. Suzanne: Oh, no. Suzanne: Now, please let me know if this is too personal or not, but your character Suzy is of Chinese descent. What about you? Jacky: I am Vietnamese. You should do one of those DNA things Jacky Lai of these days.

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I did one; it was really exciting. Jacky: Oh, did you? Did you find it was a good thing? Something I should definitely try? Suzanne: Yeah, it was different than Jacky Lai we all thought. Suzanne: Yeah, it was fun. Suzanne: Yeah, then you Jacky Lai find out where your ancestors come from. Oh man, I am not a singer, and [my] character is not a singer either. Jacky: It was a transition.

So, the scene is about a transition.

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So, there was both. I know how you feel, though.

Suzanne: Yes, exactly. Jacky: Fake it until you make it. Jacky: I wish you were there! Suzanne: Yeah, right? That song was too high for you. You need to do a lower song definitely. Jacky: So, I mean, on top of the talent, there was that. I feel like every time we had a break, I would sit outside and just bask in how grateful I am to be able Jacky Lai work with the people I got to work with. Everyone was so kind and friendly and talented, and I just Jacky Lai so much fun on set.

You know, it was fifteen working days, so very extensive, but I never felt truly drained. Especially your grandmother? Jacky: Yes, my family is very close.

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My mom had me when she was really young, so we have a very great friendship relationship. My sisters [too]. Suzanne: Okay, good. Suzanne: So is there anything else you have in common with Suzy? Suzanne: Okay. And I liked your name, since my name is Suzanne, and when I Jacky Lai younger, my family called me Suzy when I was younger. What have you Jacky Lai doing to keep busy during the pandemic?

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I [write in] a journal. I meditate. I write a lot. Suzanne: Okay, great. Do you have Jacky Lai voice teacher that you take lessons from virtually or in real life? I want to be able to understand pitch and tone and know where it comes from within my body [before I] invest in a vocal coach. Suzanne: Okay, good, because even if you just find someone like at a local college or something like that, they Jacky Lai help you a lot, even as a beginner.

So, I recommend that, definitely. Thank you so much. Suzanne: Yeah, I mean, I started taking lessons when I was in high school, and it was just an older lady who had been a singer and retired, and she taught kids or whatever. Do you have any other projects coming up you can tell us about? Jacky: Thank you. I kind of want to play the opposite of Suzy. Manifesting that. Do you like doing that kind of thing? Jacky: I do. I love it. Sci-fi is not very easy for them, being English is their second language.

Suzanne: Oh, okay.

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Yeah, this should be pretty easy for them to figure out. Well, thanks. I really appreciate you talking to me.

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Jacky took a leap of faith in to uproot her Jacky Lai in Toronto and move to Vancouver to pursue her dreams of acting. Jacky is a Toronto Jacky Lai who had everything she needed on the east coast, supportive friends and family and a stable and growing career in developing small businesses. But she knew that her passion for acting was too great to set aside as a hobby. In the summer ofJacky made a quick and swift decision to move across the country to Vancouver, leaving everything and everyone she knew behind.

Teaming up with an old high school friend Billy Girouxwho grew up to be a catch, Suzie Jacky Lai find the right recipes and mix of sugar and spice to win the competition and perhaps find some love in the process. Proofread and Edited by Brenda.