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Notwithstanding her constant rise to widespread recognition as an actress, Debatin is not putting all her eggs in one basket. As it is, her acting career has become one of the ways she is securing the bag in her career Jackie Debatin.

Jackie Debatin Wiki, Biography, Profession, Career, Husband, Height, Weight & Facts

Before fame, Jackie Debatin was raised on a dairy farm located in Southern Illinois. Her birth date is recorded — October 24, She was also born on the same farm by parents whose identity is not yet known but they probably owned the farm as a family business. The post also reveals a strong bond with her mom and the rest of the family.

This suggests her Jackie Debatin played their role well by giving her a strong educational foundation. She studied at Jackie Debatin Illinois University located at Carbondale.

Jackie Debatin Wiki, Biography, Age, Profession, Career, Husband

In college, Jackie Debatin studied Theatre and Business, both of which she put to good use after graduation. Jackie apparently made the right move to start her career in when she relocated to Los Angeles where budding actors get the right platform Jackie Debatin forge ahead. A later career pursuit saw her move again, this time to New York City where she worked on a show at the time. She has since settled in the city to date.

Jackie Debatin made her debut as an actress inon the set of Separate Lives Jackie Debatin she moved to Los Angeles for better opportunities, it took a while before they started coming her way. It was in that she landed her first role in Separate Lives. Her works are Mr. InDr. Quinn, Medicine Woman had her in the role of the first prostitute in one episode and that was the only project she appeared in that year on TV. Inshe played three roles in one episode each of Becker as Rita, 7th Heaven as Ruby, and where she depicted Debbie.

The American television star is recognized for this role and depicted in Jackie Debatin episodes of The Office — Ben Franklin, Fun Run, and Finale as the stripper.

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In the sameshe played her biggest role so far in According to Jim. She appeared in five episodes of the ABC sitcom that year. At Jackie Debatin time Jackie Debatin career was taking better shape, she moved to New York City to do an off-Broadway. That was in and to date, she still calls the city her home.

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In addition to the performing arts, she is also a businesswoman, implementing everything she studied in college. She founded and currently runs her own accounting firm. She was married to Hamilton von Watts Debatin and actor Hamilton von Jackie Debatin hooked up sometime in the mids.

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On 21st May inthey made their union official and lived together as husband and wife for about three years before trouble disrupted the blissful union. Inthe couple headed for divorce on undisclosed grounds. They have no kids between them at the time of their divorce and no drama emanated from the separation. Hamilton has since moved on to marry another woman, American actress Erin Torpey, whom he married just a year after Jackie Debatin divorce Jackie Debatin Debatin.

They currently have two children. He is an actor who doubles as a producer with remarkable works to his credit. The Nutty Professor and Miles to Graceland are some of the works where you can find his footprints.

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Is He Still With Annie? Jackie Debatin is now in a happy place with a new partner Though not widely known, Jackie has also moved on with her love life and is happy with her new beau whose identity Jackie Debatin still a mystery. Of course, she said yes!

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