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Allen Law Group is made up of personal J Law lawyers who are experienced and knowledgeable in the details and procedures that can make or break an injury case. The law firm possesses well over years of litigation experience.

Responsibility for the collapse was shared amongst several, from the company providing the rigging to those performing and promoting the concert event. Work Related Anthony was working on the turret assembly at ArcelorMittal.

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While using the affixed J Law, a piece of excess refractory material, applied by Minteq, broke off, causing Anthony to fall and sustain a spinal cord injury resulting in paraplegia. Transportation Lisa was a passenger in a vehicle that was violently struck by a tractor-trailer failing to yield and turning left into oncoming traffic.

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Lisa suffered a spinal cord injury and was rendered a paraplegic J Law a result of the crash. Personal Injury Ted was involved in an automobile crash with an uninsured driver resulting in severe and permanent spinal injuries.

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John suffered a traumatic brain injury, amongst other numerous injuries, as a result of the crash. He was inside a rail J Law hooking up steel to be unloaded when an overhead crane dropped a load of steel, which struck John and resulted in the amputation of his foot.

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Weinberger, an ENT specialist. During the course of his treatment of Phyllis, Dr. Had he done so, Phyllis would have likely survived her cancer.

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Joshua suffered severe internal injuries and a severed left leg, while Tiffany suffered J Law injuries and a crushed leg. J Law Related Joel was an ironworker working on a construction site in Chicago when he was tragically crushed and killed by equipment hoisted using an overloaded tower crane. The general contractor on the project disregarded safety rules and failed to provide fall protection.

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As a result, Brian fell 20 feet and sustained a brain injury, amongst numerous other severe injuries. Bruce suffered several herniated discs in his neck and back J Law a result of the crash and had to undergo close to ten surgeries.