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What made you want to get into the entertainment business?

My mom, being a filmmaker and actress herself, has had the greatest influence on my growth as an Izabela Vidovic. She has taught and showed me everything that I know about this craft.

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Both the story and her performance had a significant impact on me as a little girl. What other young actors career did you look up to for inspiration and guidance for your own career?

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Emma Watson is a big role model for me, as both an actress and a person. Both Dakota and Elle are remarkable actresses. How did you get connected with the show and what stood out to you about this show as opposed to other TV projects that you worked Izabela Vidovic The Fosters is very special because it promotes unity and equality. The film is about an elementary school student that goes to school with facial differences and the challenges he faces Izabela Vidovic of it.

What made you decide to do this film? I loved the script and I love the book.

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I was very moved by Izabela Vidovic overall message to choose kindness, so this was a film that not only spoke to me as an actress, but as a person too. In the film, you play the role of Via Pullman. Via has a strong connection to her younger brother, Auggie.

She Izabela Vidovic protective of him and loves him so much, which is why she prioritizes his needs over her own. It was special to be able to portray Via because, as an actress, I had to find a way to balance her two sides.

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That is the through line of the story — it simply reminds people to always choose kindness. I am extremely passionate about filmmaking, writing, Izabela Vidovic, and producing. I run a production company with two female filmmakers and am very much enjoying the behind-the-scenes process! Quite a different career path. The first event I went to, I wore a purple dress, which is also my favorite color.

What other projects do you have coming up? I am currently working on a few shows: The Fosters, Supergirl and iZombie. We are running an Indiegogo campaign this month for the Izabela Vidovic

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