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With that, the IG model attracted attention to herself. Being born inshe turned 31 years old while celebrating her birthday.

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Per her date of birth, Izabela Guedes owned Sagittarius as her zodiac sign. She is very close to her daughters and inherited Izabela Guedes beauty. Apart from that, no information on her early life and time as a teenager surfaced in the public domain. Izabela Guedes Height, Weight, Izabela Guedes Apart from being romantically involved with prominent personalities, Izabela Guedes also earned wide recognition for her beauty. She is blessed with measurements of inches that gave her enviable looks.

Whereas, she weighed 64 kilograms lbs.

Likewise, her Twitter account garnered a little over followers on the platform. However, she kept in mind that her family would be waiting for her there if she ever felt Izabela Guedes need to go back, which her mother told her. This alone gave her the courage to pursue her dreams.

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Throughout her career, she received support from her sister and her mother and she credits it all to them. Izabela earned prominence as a model, designer, makeup artist, and DJ. However, of all the career path Izabela Guedes pursued, she focused entirely on modeling and made names out of it. Plus, she never hesitated to show off a little skin on the platform.

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Additionally, her burgeoning social media following earned her endorsement Izabela Guedes and paid promotions for clothes and makeup. The brand is a luxury swimwear designer based in Brazil. She also uses her social media reach to promote her product. She also started a YouTube channel to post makeup tutorials.

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But, Izabela Guedes only ended up posting one video on the channel. But, outside of social media, she also did work as a makeup artist one of which is for a rap group called RZO. Based on that, people assumed they were seeing each other.

But one of the incidents shook the whole social media platform. Aaron, however, displayed clumsiness in hiding the revealing parts of his girlfriend with emojis. And this made him a laughing stock and gave Izabela Guedes for people to enjoy and gossip about.

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But the question remained. Well, Izabela Guedes of the parties involved spoke anything in that regard. Izabela and Wiz started seeing each other in They appeared together on several moments and captured and shared their moments on their respective platforms. However, the dating pair moved separate ways in That relationship also ended shortly after.