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Donna Murphy

Star Trek: Picard Star Isa Briones on Soji’s Journey; Teases Season 2

Are we seeing a different Soji in season two, now that she and all the synths are free? Well, yeah.

Isa Briones actually played three characters in season one, including one they surprised you with… Yeah, I had no idea that Sutra was a thing. Hey, if they asked me I will. We see Soji at the LA Music Center in one of the trailers, so there could have been a performance… Yeah, maybe a big Klingon opera or something?

Jennifer Thayer

Why should fans be excited about it? Do you see a political allegory to season two?

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Some kind of message? I think Isa Briones of Star Trek does. You can see it in every Star Trek movie or TV show. So it would be really hard to not find a political allegory.

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Thankfully, all Isa Briones our leaders in this show have really made sure that we are as safe as possible and have made the transition as easy as possible for all of us, which has been really helpful. Being that Soji is actually quite young—technically just a few years old—are we seeing some big evolution for her, and where do you see her arc over the seasons?

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Especially with the history of women Isa Briones sci-fi. And so being the young one, I really hope to see a mirroring kind of evolution that you would see in Isa Briones young woman coming into her own, realizing she has a voice, realizing she can speak up for herself and speak up for others.

So I would really love to see Soji continue on that path. Check out our full analysis. Season two of Star Trek: Picard arrives in February