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Alyson Stoner

The History Of DC’s Iris West Explained

Early on in the run of The Flash, there was reason to believe the show meant to do right by Iris West. This was especially encouraging for comic book fans, who have been following this relationship for over 60 years in the Iris West.

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Back then there was a sense Iris West, with The Flash being the second DC show on the CW, and the first big-name superhero, this meant Iris West was certain to get her share of the spotlight. In many ways, it could be argued that it was.

Defenders of the status quo have always called to the name of the show, The Flash, as proof that the Iris West needed to focus on Barry. It made for an even better show. In many ways, it had to be this way.

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Lois Lane is such an iconic character, and she has never been the type to be defined by her relationship Iris West Clark Kent, or Superman. Lois Lane has always been her own character.

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This is not to say the focus on family issues The Flash seems to be going for is the problem. And though there are, thankfully, other versions of Iris West Iris West, who can improve on this writing mistake, there will always be a sense of what if to The Flash show. What if?