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Get the free Instagram Live right now! SMART stands for specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and time based. Your goal is focused. Does this goal matter to you and your company right now?

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If not, pursue one that is. Having a deadline for your goal is crucial psychologically. Write down all the points you want to cover, Instagram Live well as how long you want to cover them. Are you interviewing an industry thought leader? Write down all the questions you want to hit, when you want to make introductions, and when to take questions from your audience.

Are you introducing a new product to Instagram Live viewers? Write down every feature and benefit you want to show off.

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Write down all Instagram Live steps they need to know and any other tips you want to offer. This helps keep your video focused and on track. Otherwise, it might easily run off the rails. When you do so, you establish a relationship and build trust with your audience—all crucial elements for a thriving brand.

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Like any good relationship, though, engaging and building a good Instagram Live with your audience takes time and energy. You need to listen to your followers and give them Instagram Live they want. Only then will they reward you with their trust.

These are people who your target audience already recognizes and respect. When the guest joins, their video will appear with yours on a split screen.

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You will be able to invite up to three guests to share the screen with you. Maybe your brand is up for an award? Stream the ceremony live for your followers to see. Streaming live at events also helps boost that all-powerful FOMO fear of missing out factor, helping to build hype and anticipation for your next event. This is great if you want your followers to join you at another event later on. Not only can you stream to people across the world, but you also have the opportunity to answer any questions they might have in real time.

He often turns to the platform to give guitar masterclasses to his followers. These videos are fun, informative, and very engaging. He frequently takes the time to answer questions his audience has for him. You might not be a famous rock star or a reality television mogul, but there are plenty of ways your brand can offer lessons to your viewers as well. This is especially effective if you have thought leaders in your organization.

They can range from topics like the latest news around Instagram Live industry, to what the inner workings of your business look like. This also helps build hype for your stream in advance. This is a great chance to put a face to your company, while also giving some love and appreciation to your employees. Just sit them down and ask them about their role, what they do day-to-day, and how they help your audience with your brand. Just be Instagram Live to give your coworker a heads up before you shove an iPhone in their face like the paparazzi.

Talking to a customer about how much they love your products or services is just as effective at engaging your audience—and much less expensive. Do you offer fitness coaching? Interview a customer who was able to run a marathon Instagram Live of your business. Instagram Live you teach people personal finance? Talk to one of your students about how they got out of debt using your advice.

These are just a few examples. Double win! Review This is a close cousin to idea 2. Or maybe you just read the latest book about your industry—and you have a blistering hot take on it that no one else has thought of before. You can also review different products and services related to your business. Use a new laptop for your business?

Review of all those products live!

How to Use Instagram Live to Grow and Engage Your Followers

After you finish your live video, you have the option to save and share the video. You can then view it there. Just tap the camera in the top left corner.

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Then tap the gear or settings button Instagram Live the top left corner. Alternatively, you can also tap on Close Friends and choose a smaller audience of people you want to share your Story with. How do I turn off the comments? Create a Story post with a questions sticker containing the question you want to ask.

Instagram adds scheduling and ‘practice mode’ features for Live creators

Tap the button and a drawer appears containing all of the questions you can answer. Select one of the questions and it will appear on Instagram Live stream for your followers to see. From a single dashboard you can schedule and publish posts, engage the audience, and measure performance. Try it free today.