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She sure knows how to play to a camera too.

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Not just the materialistic things, but loving yourself. I want to be different and also do something good with my profile. Williams with Sarah Ellen in her native Bali.

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BONDS is a brand me and my whole family all brought back and wore. The whole range is so cool you can wear it out too. One hundred percent Bali. I speak four different languages fluently and I can lick my elbow.

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In Bali I just wear sarongs. I was pretty nervous — at the beginning sometimes I get a bit shy — but then as soon as I started and warmed up to the person, I get really into it. The shoot Inka Williams did for Carolina Herrera was fun because it was in Madrid and we were shooting in amazing old houses that Inka Williams really fancy and chic.

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It was like going to a party basically. Probably shooting my first music video or just any video in general or any shoot where I have to dance.

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Probably a Victoria Secret campaign or Chanel campaign. Sleep on the plane.

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I like Pink Floyd. Also, try your best and be kind.