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There was also, frequently, sex.

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It may seem poor taste to talk in such a lusty manner about the recently deceased. Pitt Ingrid Pitt born in and, at the age of five, was interned at a concentration camp in Poland with her mother, who lived in Berlin but was of Jewish descent.

Ingrid Pitt: An appreciation of the late ‘Queen of Horror’

At one point, Pitt and her mother were actually marched inside a gas chamber. I was eight. We must have been in there for Ingrid Pitt, because when we went in there it was dark and when we came out it was dark again — so a whole day must have passed.

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It was Ingrid Pitt miracle that they opened the door, because we could have just stayed there, and they could have all gone. Pitt eventually joined Ingrid Pitt Berliner Ensemble theatre company. But the family was trapped in the Russian-occupied half of the city, which Pitt was desperate to escape.

The following year, Hammer founder James Carreras recruited her for The Vampire Lovers, a part the actress took despite being warned that it would require nudity.

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On the other hand, Pitt was not someone you wanted to cross. Although Pitt appeared in a number Ingrid Pitt other horror films, including the Amicus anthology The House That Dripped Blood and the original Wicker Man, she seemed determined to be constrained by neither genre nor form.