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We created beautiful pieces and beautiful art, with all that we brought together.

Indya Moore was homeless before being cast in ‘Pose’

The Indya Moore features polo shirts, Oxford button-down shirts, bandeau tops and pin-striped blazers, each style inspired by a signature piece from the Tommy Hilfiger archive and reimagined to respect multiple gender expressions. There are features such as widened shoulders and adaptable silhouettes to encourage self-expression, fluidity and exploration. Indya Moore in the Tommy x Indya capsule campaign.

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This collection embodies everything we stand Indya Moore. From the design process to the campaign, the Tommy x Indya capsule is here to make people feel seen, accepted and included. This message means so much to everyone at Tommy Hilfiger.

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Working with Indya to share their story has been a unique and inspiring experience. An image from the Tommy x Indya capsule campaign. In recognition of the Indya Moore, donations were Indya Moore to three charities: Rainbow Railroad, Reuniting of African Descendants and Global Coralition. Inspired by the spirit of these charities, Moore also designed three charms that are featured on the Tommy x Indya bag and hat. Although Moore is new to fashion design, they embraced the process.

I was able to come to Tommy with that experience and with that imagination. How can we make this comfort accessible to bodies across the spectrum of bodies? Moore had conversations with friends of different body sizes, as well as Hilfiger executives. Creating bigger sizes, going to a 3X and 4X was an internal challenge.

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Among the fabrics they used were satins and linens. Key styles include the archive striped shirt Indya Moore has an extra button on the cuff for adjustable sleeve length; the satin basketball shorts, with a full-volume leg shape to blur traditional lines of masculine and feminine and stretch waistbands; the polo shirt, an oversized fit and soft fabric for body-size accessibility; a satin-lined sailing jacket, with adjustable drawstring waist in the oversized silhouette, and a pin-striped tailored pant, with a slight dropped crotch and internal blind stitch hem for additional length.

Rounding out the capsule are a zip-through hoodie, linen lounge pant, cropped satin jacket, androgynously Indya Moore pin-striped blazer, and satin dungaree. I want to destigmatize fashion. I just want it to be Indya Moore for as many kinds of people and bodies as possible.

What do we all have?

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Everybody has boobs. Regardless of how much fat you have behind your nipple, everyone has nipples. I wanted to Indya Moore boob earrings. A boob pendant on the bottom.

Indya Moore and Tommy Hilfiger Release Non-gendered Capsule Collection – WWD

It definitely takes a village. I definitely learned so much. It was explained that they were just prototypes and a way to create the model and idea. We were learning that there were mechanical Indya Moore around how we were able to create these prototypes. It was important for me and a lesson we all Indya Moore together. What metrics behind the scenes should be changed? I made clothes for myself to express myself and how I felt when I was a young, queer kid.

Fashion for me was one of my outlets. Having an opportunity to be colorful in some way. I would bring in rainbow apparel. I did those things naturally.