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Sure, Carrie has lived in New York for years. What test you ask? The Indian Aunty test. But I knew it was not an actual sari.

The Feisty Indian Aunty Watches… The Good Doctor

So I decided to consult two experts: Indian Aunty mom and aunt. I told them to jump on Zoom so I could get the answer to this very important question. After the obligatory five minute set up of getting them to turn their camera on and be in the actual shot, Indian Aunty got down to Bradshaw business. Hello, mom.

Hello, Aunty. I am going to show you a photo of a woman named Carrie wearing a sari.

And I would like to get your thoughts on it. At this point, I Indian Aunty my screen to show them Carrie on her apartment stoop, in all her sari glory. I thought it was very attractive.

Indian Aunty Cam Show

A dupatta is material worn as a scarf or head covering by South Asian women. Did you like her hair? Aunty Veena: No. First, I thought it was some kind of punk hairstyle. But then Indian Aunty looked carefully and it was a bouquet on her head.

‘And Just Like That’ Diwali: Indian Aunties Review Carrie’s Sari Dress | StyleCaster

Mom, what did you think? Aunty Roma: OK, I liked her outfit a lot. But I hated her hair. It was nothing. Usually, I like when they do a braid and weave the Indian Aunty in. So this was jarring. It was like a flower Mohawk.

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Indian Aunty Roma and Aunty Veena: Yes, yes. Not good. Aunty Roma: She was OK; she was wearing a sari! Aunty Veena: And what she was wearing actually, that gold belt, you usually wear as a bride. That belt was not what people usually wear at a Diwali party.

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Do you feel like they were trying to Americanize the sari by putting that belt on her? Aunty Roma: Lehenga.