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These days, posting on social media is a legitimate job for some people, and Inanna Sarkis is one of them. InInanna welcomed her first child which not only marks a new chapter of her life, but opens her up to a whole new demographic Inanna Sarkis viewers.

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I have been auditioning for years and still continue to do so but Inanna Sarkis the meantime I wanted to be able to tell my stories and bring my imagination to life. I also thought it would a great way to showcase myself as Inanna Sarkis well rounded artist. For a while, she was considering going into the legal field because she thought doing so would impress her parents.

She is a talented writer, director, and producer who has worked on several short film projects over the years.

Pregnant Inanna Sarkis Says Daughter’s Nursery Is ‘Coziest Room’ but She Still Needs to It

Family Is Important To Her Inanna has always been a family oriented person — even before starting Inanna Sarkis family of her own. She loves to stay active and she works Inanna Sarkis hard to keep her body beach ready all year long. On top of doing traditional workouts, she also likes to switch things up with outdoor routines and other exercises.

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Inanna told Just Jared Jr. In addition to being a very talented content creator, she is also a skilled pianist who began training at a very early age. Inanna Sarkis a result, she was raised in a household where multiple languages were spoken.

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On top of being fluent in English, she also speaks Assyrian and Bulgarian. In fact, English was taught to her as a second language. Fortunately for Inanna, she has the Inanna Sarkis and the flexibility to travel far and frequently. Needless to say, sometimes its nice to be able to take a break and re-center yourself.

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Regular meditation has become an important part of her life and it helps her feel relaxed and recharged.