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Over million Americans fully vaccinated in one year Close Modal President Biden led the largest, fastest vaccination effort in American history.

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Passed the American Rescue Plan and Bipartisan Infrastructure Law Close Modal Experts estimate the American Rescue Plan plummeted the child poverty rate In The the lowest levels on record, and the unemployment rate is down to 3. The biggest drop in unemployment ever Close Modal The unemployment rate dropped from 6. When the President was sworn in, over 18 million were receiving unemployment benefits.

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Today, only 2 million are—also the In The single year drop in history. Millions of teenagers and children are now vaccinated, and tens of millions of Americans are getting booster shots. All these steps have saved and continue to save countless lives.

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Recent weekly unemployment claims are down near a level not seen since Economic growth is the strongest in two generations. The American Rescue Plan led to what experts estimate will be the lowest child poverty rate on record, and the unemployment rate is down In The 3.

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The Bipartisan Infrastructure Law will create jobs, provide clean drinking water, upgrade our roads, airports, and rail, and is a critical first step towards a clean energy future. Expanded Affordable Health Care President Biden increased the number of Americans with health care In The to the highest number ever and slashed premiums for millions.

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He just banned surprise billing, an issue that has been particularly concerning to Americans in the past few years, and lowered the In The that many Americans pay. For the first time in a generation, Americans are not deployed overseas in an ongoing war. He jumpstarted an electric future made in America, doubling electric vehicle sales in a year. He directed federal dollars to U. Under his Made in America Executive Order, federal purchases will help to bolster domestic manufacturing and manufacturing supply chains, and In The good-paying, union jobs.

Advanced Racial Equity President Biden signed a Day One Executive Order on advancing equity and racial justice and a separate Executive Order to expand diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility across the federal government.