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Iman Richards , Craftworker Shakes Hands With Jim Mclamb , Mortenson News Photo

Iman Richards , craftworker shakes hands with Jim McLamb , Mortenson Clark Joint Venture senior vice president and project director, before he speaks… NAIL Communications adds Iman Richards as Senior Content Strategist, according to Partner Jeanette Palmer of the Providence-based advertising, design, and branding agency. In this role, Richards will develop a compelling creative bridge between brand/advertising concepts and social/digital extensions.

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Iman Richards content may

Photo iman richards nude – taken from the site

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Iman Richards according to Partner

Photo iman richards nude – taken from the site

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NAIL Communications where every brand finds its fascinating. For 24 years, NAIL has made award-winning advertising, design and branding work for regional, national and global brands. Richards joins NAIL from Marina Maher Communications, an Omnicom agency based in Manhattan, where she held the role of Vice President, Brand Business Leader.