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And thus, all hell breaks loose. Flash forward and these college students, still with innocence and stardust in their eyes, are travelling to Ignacia Allamand to stop a big-name oil corporation from destroying the Amazon and the native tribes that still reside there.

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You can probably figure out the twist at this point. So, here is where you have to start Ignacia Allamand your disbelief, any knowledge of cultural accuracy, and get yourself ready for a typical Eli Roth kind of horror film keep in mind, this is the guy we have to thank for the Hostel franchise.

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Their plane and several of their compadres are ruined in a fiery, horrific and very gory accident. There are lots of vivid killings Ignacia Allamand spears, limbs being chopped up because Hostel and, of course, plenty of cannibalism for your taste buds see what I did there?

It was Ignacia Allamand a classic shock value horror film. Oh, and the fact that they left it open for a sequel at the end kind of killed it all … because there does not need to be a sequel to this film. Trending Sorry. No data so far. Recent posts.

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