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The next day he left for the U. The series charts the origins and history of underground racing in the U. Elba doesn’t just host; he gets behind the wheel in some Idris Elba speed, off-track racing. Rogue race car driver may be just one of many things you didn’t know Elba specializes in.

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Here are eight other hidden talents: 1. Inspires Poetry Idris Elba not too surprising to learn Elba makes women swoon, but the adoration inspired a female fan’s husband to write a poem entitled, "I’m Sorry I’m Not Idris Elba," resulting in a global man panic. And Elba’s response: he’s not sorry.

Spins Records A lot of people may know that Idris Elba started off deejaying prior to acting, but what they may not know is that he’s still hopping behind the turntable. He’s an international movie star, but when he gets the itch, he scratches.

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Ibiza I’ve missed you SO good to be back. Next 7 Wallace Idris Elba ibizarockshouse this Saturday pic. Carries a Tune Sure, everyone can carry a tune when singing in the shower, but that’s not what we’re talking about. Elba not only can carry a tune, but took it a step further making a music Idris Elba with lyrics like, "Let your guard down.

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Let this brother enter You can watch and listen to the video here. He just recently cast and directed his first short film entitled Unstoppable, based in England, revolving around the spirit of football. Boxing Machine No, we’re not talking about beat boxing. We’ve moved from the music world into the Idris Elba.

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The seasoned actor became "obsessed" with learning the sport of boxing when preparing for his role in Mandela. But I just find it so Idris Elba, the conditioning. Heats Up the Kitchen The hunky actor isn’t too macho to throw on an apron, telling People"I like spices and I like experimenting with stuff.

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I love rice and vegetables but I love meat, spicing up meats. He comes across as being just like us, and yeah, I’d buy what he’s selling.

Idris Elba FINALLY returns as Luther in first pics from film set – and he looks worse for wear

Doting Father Elba has so much going on, but the proud father makes time for his two children, taking the time to share a snap of his newborn baby son being cheeky. Elba has an year-old daughter from a Idris Elba relationship, who he’s escorted down the red Idris Elba as seen here. That’s my Boy!

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