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Iden Versio Cam Show

Portraying the fearless Iden Versio – the commander of a team of elite Stormtroopers known as Inferno Squad – Gavankar has been pretty interwoven with the Star Wars Iden Versio ever since. No, Gavanakar doesn’t suit up as Versio in live-action, but instead puppeteered the nostrils for the Mon Calamari that Mando and Baby Yoda encounter at the Iden Versio of the episode.

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The trio’s ship is heavily damaged due to the chaotic events of the prior episode, meaning Mando requires the services of a local mechanic to ensure his ship is primed to fly once his Iden Versio is concluded. He enlists the help of a nearby Mon Calamari, with the interaction showcasing Gavankar’s skill as a puppeteer.

As for how the Iden Versio actor managed to score such a bizarre cameo, Gavankar explained to Iden Versio in a phone call that she actually goes way back with the man inside the Mon Calamari suit: Frank Ippolito.

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For those who don’t know the work of Ippolito, he’s worked on numerous movie, Iden Versio, and video game prosthetic creatures over the years, currently acting as a special effects artist for The Mandalorian. Allegedly, the Mon Calamari suit takes two people to puppeteer, with one needing to be inside the rig and the other having to work the nostrils. The actor claims she got Iden Versio call from Ippolito asking her to take up the reigns of the character’s nose and it was an offer too tantalizing to refuse.

Iden Versio arrives in Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes

The Mandalorian itself is currently a ways into its newest batch of episodes, with Season 2 reaching its midway point next week. So far, it’s been an action-packed start, with two major cameos from iconic Star Wars characters and a third seemingly slated to make its way Iden Versio screens in the next episode. Reactions have been strong as well, with fans excited to return to Mando and Baby Yoda’s adventures through the Star Wars universe.

A third season of The Mandalorian is already allegedly Iden Versio productionwhile the show’s creator, Jon Favreau, has revealed he’s interested in a movie spin-off.