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In an interview, she said, I love books. In fact, I Huma Qureshi a geek in college and school. I became an actor by mistake. She considers him her lucky mascot and always takes his advice before signing a film.

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In an interview, Huma revealed, Dad felt that too much of studying had affected my mind. My Huma Qureshi suggested me to go abroad and do an MBA. The very next day, he brought me to Huma Qureshi. I stayed as a PG in Juhu with four other girls in a tiny place where each of us had a bed and a cabinet and we would have fights everyday on who would use the washroom first.

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I would eat from dabbas, travel in a rickshaw, sometimes even walk to save the money. I had decided to give myself one year before I Huma Qureshi. Later, she signed a two-year contract with Hindustan Unilever to work in TV commercials.

Her first TV commercial was with the actor Abhishek Bachchan for a cell phone, in which she played the character of a reporter.

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This advertisement was directed by Anurag Kashyapand while shooting for the advertisement, he told Huma that he would cast her in his next film. She has walked the ramp in many well-known fashion shows.

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Huma Qureshi in a Fashion Show She has featured Huma Qureshi the cover of many popular magazines. Reportedly, she was asked to change her name by a filmmaker; as her name is similar to a Pakistani actress. Vatika was the only restaurant serving vegetarian, Italian and continental cuisine.

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We used to go there for lunch and sometimes coffee. Everything there was cheese based, because of the Italian influence.

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So I would order a customised dish and instruct them how to Huma Qureshi it. Other guests at the restaurant, too began requesting for the same dish. So the owner named that particular dish after me.