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Carla Harvey

Can someone tell me why and how teens these days are so hot?

Andrea Rincon

No, dare I admit, hawt. Yes, they have the nerve to blend right into the year-old crowd with frightening ease.

Senta Berger

Call it blasphemy, call it an injustice of humanity, but try not to panic, because I am here to tell you that the teenagers of are Hot Teen longer the awkward, metallic-dress-wearing specimens of insecurity that we all were. Not only that, but it offers direct access to the daily activities of celebrities, and consequently, super cool lifestyle examples you never had while watching TMZ.

In fact, one of them is probably Hot Teen owner of an account you follow and admire right now.

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Your friends sat one-by-one on your Pottery Barn Teen rug, waiting patiently for you to Hot Teen your neutral-palette magic across their eyelids. Teenagers today would scoff at the amateurish sight. Thanks to the infinite supply of online makeup tutorials and the existence of Kylie Jenner, these youths have studied and mastered the craft of makeup.

Can someone tell me why and how teens these days are so hot?

Forget the drugstore foundation and poorly applied eyeliner of yesteryear. Yes, Hot Teen are beat to the gods and constantly sporting the perfect lip. To be honest, you will likely be snatching one of their looks off YouTube this damn weekend.

Victoria Lomba

These teenagers with incredible makeup every day… what time do they get up? And do they know about sleeping until 12 when you’re 17? Instead they have the benefit of fashion Hot Teen and online celebrities everywhere detailing the latest trends.

Needless to say, prom has evolved from posing in a straight line with your friends while wearing 4 pounds of crinoline to showing off sexy, thigh waist slits in ass-glorifying poses. Brb gotta go burn my yearbooks.

Hot Flashes In Teens: Causes, Symptoms, Treatment, And Remedies

No longer is the legal drinking age the gateway to an exciting, adventurous life. With the amount of inspiration and information available to perfect your look, travel the world, attend cool events, and participate in Hot Teen many aspects of society, teens are undeniably lit as fuck.

Highschool Dxd

And we all love to hate them for it.