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They are propped by numerous people who are willing to operate Holly Valentine the scenes. Holly Valentine used to be among them, taking on the supporting role—until someone had the guts to tell her the truth that she should be placed front center. With the myriad of influencers nowadays, having the X factor means being a sum of a million characteristics. Holly knows, because she has spent several years working behind the scenes.

I definitely never thought it was something that I could ever do. I just never thought I was pretty enough or interesting enough to get anywhere. She has 1. How Did She Do It? How she achieved her current following is a science. Being an influencer Holly Valentine a lifestyle job. Holly has to be social, she has to be in the know about the latest trends, and she has to talk about what will keep her audience hooked. Keeping up with the industry is hard work.

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This career will get in the way of family and of your other relationships. If you decide to put this career second to anything, someone else will take your place. Holly reveals that her craft is technical, calculated, and exact.

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She invests in her craft. She competes for the influence she enjoys. Everything she does is purposeful. She respects competition, the science, and even the fluidity of the industry she chose to be part of. Authenticity Remains Essential Her capacity to drive online engagement is how she measures her success in her chosen career.

To drive this, authenticity remains essential. I also would recommend just being yourself and doing what Holly Valentine think is fun. The Holly Valentine people will follow you. Holly: I am based in Los Angeles. The city is constantly buzzing with life. Sure, LA has is downsides. But living here offers constant inspiration and motivation, because everyone here is trying to make it happen for themselves which makes you want Holly Valentine keep up.

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Tell us a bit about yourself, dreams aspirations before you started on your journey to fame. Holly: Before I became an influencer, I worked at a number of different marketing agencies and got the opportunity to work with a bunch of influencers and celebrities.

Then one day I Holly Valentine a girl who got very real with me and convinced me that anyone can do this. She kind of showed me the basics and BOOM! It just started happening. Then I realized that this was something I was meant to do.

I always thought that I wanted to be on a marketing team for a company. How did you get from here to there? What were some of the daily secrets that helped you grow Holly Valentine a following? People who think they can quit their Holly Valentine only work two hours a day at this and become a celebrity need to understand that this is a Holly Valentine job. This career will get in the way of family, relationships.

If you do it right, you will be tired all the time and never get a day off. If you decide to put this career second to something else, then someone else will take your place. A thing that no one talks about is it definitely takes a capital investment to get somewhere. It also takes money to grow.

People and companies grow by getting features on pages that are bigger than your own. Sometimes you can trade for it, but if the difference in followers is great enough, the bigger page will usually want money to feature you.

How do you manage your feed?

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Do you have people who help you keep it fresh and updated? Influencers with just one profile go through content Holly Valentine water. I feel so lucky to have my manager. His name is Kevin.

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We started out because he is a photographer and we Holly Valentine became best friends and eventually started working together. He also helps me plan shoots and helps run my schedule. We all know each other or are one person away from knowing each other. What do you charge now for a sponsor to get you to post something for them?

Holly: Honestly it depends on the company and what they want. We get submissions for models daily wanting to be in a magazine or just find work. Holly: You have to push. Holly Valentine like if you were looking for a job.

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You also need to follow up and not Holly Valentine on everyone else to make YOUR dreams come true. You will be the best and probably only advocate for your career. Finally, pay attention to your followers. They will tell you what kind of content they want. Even Holly Valentine your page starts out as your own personal expression it turns into something way bigger.

Are you currently single?

Holly Valentine: Kingmaker Turned Influencer

And looking? Holly: Hehe, I am definitely enjoying the single life. What are some things a guy can do to get someone of your calibre? Especially when there are so many men competing for your attention. Girls who do this make a lot of money, we like to flirt, we are always busy, and it can definitely be annoying and upsetting for a lot of guys.

If she wants to do it, then she will ask. I love going on fun dates and doing crazy stuff, but the biggest turn on is when a guy can be fun Holly Valentine hanging out at home together and talking and Holly Valentine around. What are some of your hobbies?

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When would be the ideal place when you are out for a guy to approach you? Holly : I love to cook. Sometimes, when I want to meet new people, I go to cooking classes or pop Holly Valentine dinners. I usually find other adventurous people at pop up dinners. Look for me in the produce section! What makes you feel sexy?

Holly: Wearing a sexy perfume and Holly Valentine heels makes me feel sexy. Good music is always a turn on, too! I wear lingerie a lot in shoots, but my favorite outfits are short skirts or dresses… for obvious reasons. What are some of your guilty pleasures? Do you read the comments? Holly: Yes, I do. I try to respond to all of them, too. Holly: Smashed donuts all over me and assaulted a bag of popcorn. Holly: Eyes, then smile and shoes. How does it feel to be influential to other people?

Holly: This sounds so lame but I feel like a normal person. I feel so lucky to have made my followers feel comfortable to the point where they talk to me as they would Holly Valentine friend. They follow us because it gives them something to think about other than the reality that is around them day to day. I just tell them how I stay fit or how I spend my day. If Steven Spielberg were to film a biography film on your life, who would you want to play you in the movie?

Holly: Margot Robbie. She is my spirit animal. You can find the amazing Holly Valentine at:.