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The final film collaboration of Kirk Douglas and Burt Lancaster, there were many small, but memorable, roles in the movie. I was fascinated by her, and that fascination would grow along with my 80s Hilary Shepard. The acting and music were just the beginning, though. Hilary has also been a model, an author and a board game creator, among other things.

Say hello to Hilary Shepard! Johnny: What were your pop-cultural likes growing up, like favorite movies and music?

Hilary Shepard

My favorite TV shows were the old Batman series and Bewitched. I always loved magical realism and fantasy, and things like that. I was obsessed with Catwoman, who I loved. Hilary Shepard growing up? I still listen to the same music that I listened to as a kid. Johnny: Alright. What were your high school days like?

Hilary: I had it very rough. In junior high, I was an unattractive kid with glasses, braces and one eyebrow laughing. I had a really gorgeous sister who was very sweet Hilary Shepard me, but nobody could believe we were sisters. She always included me, which was great, but she was a tall, gorgeous blond.

I was a weirdo, so I got bullied and picked on. I was really smart, and I was in plays, which was like a nerdy thing to do. I had it pretty rough in junior high. All of a sudden, I was kind of attractive.

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I just kept to myself. I did plays. Even though it was really nerdy to do plays, I starred in all the school plays, and graduated early. You spent some time as a model. He came over to this country, and full disclosure: My dad was the one who brought him over.

It was pure nepotism. I walked the runway for him when I was 17, and did a Fall ad campaign and everything, but Gianni had to approve me. That was really cool. Johnny: Definitely. To work with a designer like that just as Hilary Shepard was beginning, and then he would go on to become the designer of the s, it Hilary Shepard have been amazing.

Hilary: It was incredible. My dad actually discovered him and brought him to the U. Johnny: Cool. As I had initially mentioned Hilary Shepard you in my e-mail about the interview, marks the 35th anniversary of your acting debut, according to the Internet Movie Database, with seeing you essay roles in the movies Soup For One and Summer Lovers.

Hilary: Oh, yeah. That is true. I got Hilary Shepard SAG card.

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My best friend in high school was also a total weirdo. He did a movie in New York, and she got me the audition. I flew to New York, and I actually got to shoot in Manhattan. I had, like, 10 lines in the movie, and it was so exciting to go back to New York City. The movie was shooting in the streets I grew up on, so I was really excited about that.

My question regarding that was: Were you Hilary Shepard about your first year as an actress, or did your experience as a model help you prepare for the transition? Hilary: I was always an actress before I was a model. I Hilary Shepard in my plays. I starred in plays at USC and Northwestern. I was in the Groundlings doing comedy improv. I never liked modeling. I lasted two seconds because I would always make a character out of it or a scene in my head.

You mention being in the Groundlings. I went because Pee-wee Herman had a late night show there. Daryl Hannah Hilary Shepard, and still is, my best friend. I ended up taking classes there, not knowing that the way to get into the Groundlings was they vote you in. They were already in the troupe and I really looked up to them, as well as Mindy Sterling, who I recently saw at a con. She was my teacher. It was the greatest training ever. They let me improvise a lot.

What was the one that stood out?

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Hilary: I talked about this with Jon Lovitz. The one favorite sketch I did?

Exclusive: Hilary Shepard

Jon Lovitz and I played these two Hilary Shepard on a blind date. His name was Pip Hilary Shepard and he had no Hilary Shepard lip. I played this weird woman named Jackie who was all in white. I looked like a ghost. It was hilarious. I also used to do my mother on the beach, screaming at me. That was the one that got the biggest laughs to this day, when I came out in character, shrieking at a young kid on the beach.

Jumping back into movies: Inyou played Shirley in Private Resort. Both Johnny Depp and Rob Morrow have stated their in-hindsight displeasure with the movie, but I thought it was funny. Hilary: Laughing Well, the funny thing was that Johnny Depp was an unknown. Every time I would change lanes on the freeway, he would hide under the seat. He was scared of the trucks and he hated the freeway. He was the sweetest kid, and he was married. He was brand new. Rob Morrow and I had a lot of scenes together.

At the time, everybody was just really happy to have a job.

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Johnny: Also inyou had a supporting role in Radioactive Dreams. Hilary: I loved doing that movie. We got flown to Hawaii, and they have to fly you first-class, so I flew first-class to Hawaii. As a starving actress, it was really cool. I met one of my best friends, Michelle Little, who starred in the movie. We met in the first-class lounge.

We got on the plane, and Sissy Spacek was sitting right in front. I got to shoot on top of a volcano. I had to lie to get the part. I was playing the head of a biker gang. They got us Hilary Shepard the top of a volcano and it was very hard. There were tons of motorcycles. It was very interesting. The interesting thing is that John Stockwell played a character I had a huge fight with. I ended up doing my own stunts.

I was jumping on top of a car and doing a whole fight on a windshield. My agent got very mad at me. It was really fun. John Hilary Shepard asking the director, Albert Pyun, a lot of questions, and John ended up being a director and shooting a movie in Hawaii called Blue Crush.

Johnny: Oh, yeah. I know that one.

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What drew you to Tough Guys?